“The unique waves of sound from his fingertips, and the incessant roar of hungry seagulls over your head. -The Haven- can directly draw music notes on the seasand. This piece is devoid of superfluous gloss, but saturated with careful attention in detail and pleasant piano playing.”

“Шум оглушающих волн у самых кончиков пальцев и непрекращающийся гул изголодавшихся чаек над головой. -The Haven- рисует ноты прямо на песке. Он лишён лишнего лоска песен, но насыщен внимательным отношением к деталям и приятной слуху игрой пиано.”

Artist shared few words behind the inspiration of this song with Nagamag:

" The piece is named after the house that I spent many of my childhood holidays in Northumberland. It belonged to my great aunt and had loads of space around it. It was detached with a large garden and surrounded by farmers’ fields, close to the east coast railway line. The house was on a quiet road that was only populated by the odd car carrying people coming to play golf on the links course which was just down the road. It was also just a few hundred yards from a huge expanse of beautiful and largely deserted beach and the sound of the sea was in the air the whole time.

I did not necessarily realise at the time, but as a kid growing up, the quietness and the space around it provided a stark contrast to life in the city and it became a special place to experience nature, to dream, to imagine and to expand the possibilities. "

- Steve Luck

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
April 19, 2021

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