Sunflower Thieves – Lichtenberg Figures (Video)

“Discover a mesmerizing vocal duet in their personal Indie Folk creation. Elegant sound decorated with background guitar chords. You can also feel those voices vibrating inside your head and receive a message of strength from its lyrics.”

The Leeds-based dream-folk duo, Sunflower Thieves have shared their latest stunning track, ‘Lichtenberg Figures’. The track is released with a brand new visual featuring the duo.

The new track takes its name from the branch-like scars or patterns which form after either the human body or the ground are struck by lightning. Like their previous two singles from their upcoming EP (‘Sirens’ and ‘I Don’t Know Why’), ‘Lichtenberg Figures’ is a track warmly wrapped in personal experience and authenticity as the duo address finding strength and life-changing experiences from moments of adversity and vulnerability.

Accompanying the release is a new video, directed by Olivia Sofia Ferrara which captures the duo’s close friendship as they are seen performing the track as they playfully spread coloured paint on each other and around a studio in shapes reminiscent of Lichtenberg figures.

Speaking on ‘Lichtenberg Figures’, Sunflower Thieves said, “We were fascinated by Lichtenberg figures because of how they can look beautiful whilst coming from something so intensely dangerous and powerful as lightning. The song is about going through something traumatic and coming out the other side stronger, proving to yourself and others that you’re unbeatable.”

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 3, 2022