Tableland – My Dreams Are Slowly Dying

Tableland – My Dreams Are Slowly Dying (Spotify)

Following Tableland’s debut release at the end of the decade that picked up support from the likes of DJ Bone, Danny Daze, Laurent Garnier, Jon Hester and Nemone on BBC 6 Music, the Girls of the Internet producer re-joins his self-titled imprint in 2020. The Girls Of The Internet continue to feed their superb reputation of delivering funk-fuelled electronics that draws inspiration from a variety of electronic music styles from the last 40 years.
‘My Dreams Are Slowly Dying’ kicks things off with pulsating kicks, undulant euphoria in the form of dreamy leads and stabbing melodies that fluctuate throughout. ‘Pyramid Scheme’ surges into squeaky modulations, jazzy tones and funky atmospherics that rolls with vibrant energy while ‘Charlie + Suzie’ offers up shuffling rhythms, subdued yet emotive synths underneath clattering highs and snares that get introduced in the latter stages.
Flowing grooves, a sultry sax line and inviting soulful elements take the focus in ‘This Must Be The Place’ before ‘Wormwood’ rounds off the enchanting EP with a calming house cut harmonising together exquisite keys, deep bass vibrations and uplifting oscillations which carry you away until the end.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
February 11, 2020

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