Take Me There – Distance Is Our Enemy

Take Me There – Distance Is Our Enemy (Spotify)

A song from the 4th release from the swedish ambient artist Take Me There. In this release there is a heavier focus on minimalism and making the listener feel relaxed, lush atmospheric pads and slow ambient progressive which delivers the right pleasure to ears.

Take Me There is a experimental ambient artist from south Sweden, who makes instrumental music that is meant to be soothing, relaxing and to create other certain different moods and thoughts for the listeners. He is a new up and coming artist who is completely self-taught and has just started out making music after learning to play guitar and to produce through audio softwares like Ableton Live. With every song he tries to create a different ambient soundscape or feeling for the listener by mixing everyday ambient sounds with sustained sounds like ambient drones and instruments like guitar, piano and cello.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
June 28, 2020

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