“Style -Fish And Scale- can be described as the perfect acoustic ballad, with deep, measured and very soulful vocals. A strong song from which goosebumps appear on the body. Music that is satisfying to listen to and leaves a lasting mark on the memory.”

“Стиль -Fish And Scale- можно охарактеризовать как идеальную акустическую балладу, с глубоким, размеренным и очень душевным вокалом. Сильная песня от которой по телу проступают мурашки. Музыка, которая приносит удовлетворение при прослушивании и оставляет весомый след в памяти.”



The song „The Kid“ is the third video release from the current studio album “ You Can Call Me LOVE“.
„The Kid“ tells the story of a child caught in an undefined pain. We all have this child inside us. From a young age, we unconsciously adopt the belief patterns and thought patterns of family and society and thus lose contact with ourselves. If this early separation from our true personality core is not dissolved, we often take the wrong paths later in life. We stumble and feel like a lone wolf wandering in the depths of the woods, longing for the moon and an unknown home.
The video for the song shows the initially futile search for one’s own identity and the long road back to freedom.

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Filmed by Sylvie Castioni