The Mayans – Not A Doctor (Spotify)

“The rhythm in "Not A Doctor" is unlikely to keep you from the desire to make a few energetic movements ahead. You immediately feel in your breast all the power of sound, fall in love with the mix quality and amazed by its variety of sound elements and the vocal approach!”

“Ритм этого трека вряд ли удержит вас от желания сделать несколько энергичных движений головой. Сразу чувствуешь в груди всю монолитность звучания, влюбляешься в качество сведения и поражаешься разнообразием звуковых решений и подходу к семплированию вокала!”

This is the second release for us (we have just signed another 6 tracks to three different labels, including some quite exciting ones) and the first on our own new label. We plan to release one new release on our own label every 6-8 weeks. The next is scheduled for release in November. Our production ethos is simple - combine the best of old and new technology to make music that is inspired by - but not a copy of - classic late 80s and early 90s house music. To do this we combine genuine 12-bit samplers (modern and original 80s models) and analog synths with modern production and mixing tools (Live and Pro-Tools), topped off with some not-so-secret 90s production weapons, like our beloved 90s Alesis 3630 compressor, the machine that gave Alan Braxe and Daft Punk that distinctive pump.

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 26, 2021