“Selected piece in a Trip-Hop mood that can attract almost every listener. Also the singer's silvery voice add a sense of warmness in the cold days of loneliness. Do you see yourself falling down? Take a deep breath and find the hidden way to continue!”

Falling Down ft. Aniah Alves is one of many singles for 2021 born out of the confines of the lockdown. Working remotely with Dutch vocalist Aniah Alves the track features lush pop vocals over heavy melancholic beats.

Three Thieves is a South Wales based production unit consisting of producer and songwriter Thomas Ismangil, featuring guest vocalists from around the world. The Three Thieves signature sound is known for its use of melodic pop vocals over beat based songs, with influences from classic era hip hop, house, drum and bass and garage.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
February 9, 2021

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