Tiago Vega – GO (Spotify)

“Listen to the rhythm of your heart, feel its vibration throughout your body and experience an unforgettable journey with "Tiago Vega" and his melodic, colourful track. The pronounced elements of Afrobeats & Hip-Hop excite the imagination, evoking the most pleasant feelings.”

“Прислушайтесь к ритму своего сердца, почувствуйте вибрацию по всему телу и отправляйтесь в незабываемое путешествие вместе с -Tiago Vega- и его мелодичным, красочным треком. Ярко выраженные элементы жанров afrobeats & hip-hop будоражат фантазию, навевая самые приятные чувства.”


On this airy afro-beat track, Tiago shares his vision for his potential love interest


From Long Beach to Tokyo, Bali to Tulum, U.S. entertainer Tiago Vega has had an extraordinary artist journey that has spanned multiple regions around the world. As an artist, music is the universal language that allows him to authentically connect and collaborate with other international creatives.

Vega’s passion for music derives from sharing the stage with iconic music mogul and rapper/producer Kanye West on his 808’s & Heartbreaks tour. He defines the experience as “something that changed his life forever."

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 2, 2022