Ticket to Happiness – Videosa (Video)

“Positive and very good Folk song with a light shade of the Wild West. The music is very soulful, with cozy atmosphere from the beginning to its very end. Quality production that you can listen in one breath!”

“Позитивная и очень добрая песня в жанре folk с лёгким оттенком дикого запада. Музыка очень душевная, атмосфера праздника и уюта от начала и до самого конца. Получилось очень качественно и слушается на одном дыхании!”


“Videosa” is the last single before the album release of the German folk rock band Ticket to Happiness. A cliché spaghetti western plot, derived from a dream of the band’s singer JP, is presented together with an elaborate music video. A snottily spoken intro takes the listeners into the wild west where in a “foolish, rotten town” the protagonist Videosa is bloodily shot by the antagonist Revolver Ron. Her great love Benny rounds up his crew and seeks revenge.

The plot is supported by a fiery musical arrangement and marks a showy kickoff that is meant to be enjoyed with the winking of an eye.

The album is produced by Pomez di Lorenzo (3x ECHO-nominated “best producer”) and mastered by Marc Einstmann (Depeche Mode, Mick Jagger). We are looking forward to the album “Roaming Riders” being released in two weeks time.


Reviewed by Nagamag on December 12, 2021