Time Interior – Liminal (Video)

“Time Interior with his new single Liminal, calm us with restless notes where piano harmonies touch your soul and somewhere in distance you see a glimmer of light. Which comes more close to you each time. You close your eyes, free of thoughts, happy and go to sleep with a smile. Fans of neoclassic will appreciate this unique performance!”

“Беспокойные ноты пианино трогают вашу душу и где то в дали забрезжил огонек. Все ближе и ближе он движется к вам. Вы закрываете глаза и засыпаете. Любители неоклассики не останутся равнодушными.”


Liminal was written during the Covid 19 quarantine when life as we knew it was slowly but surely slipping away and a new reality hasn’t quite been established. It’s about inhabiting that liminal space in between and learning how to be comfortable with the unknown.

Time Interior is a solo piano project by Russian Persian musician Roksana Zeinapur. Based in Los Angeles, Roksana creates evocative cinematic piano soundscapes reminiscent of music by Eric Satie, Nils Frahm and Johann Johannsson. Born and raised on the Baltic coast in Riga, Latvia, Roksana combines the best of western classical cannon and West coast meditative chill.


Reviewed by Nagamag on November 17, 2020