Titi Woo – To All Who’s Out There (Video)

“Одно из самых необычных и трогательных произведений, которые нам удалось услышать. Эта песня своеобразный авторский реквием, которая была написана Девидом за несколько месяцев до его кончины. To All Who’s Out There навсегда останется в наших сердцах.”


After releasing his debut album “Pollywogs”
which he wrote and recorded with his twin brother David.
Titi Woo returns with a brand new song – a farewell song
that’s been written by his twin brother – David and was recorded
and musically produced by Ori Shlezinger in Newtone studios.

David knew that he was terminally ill and felt the need to farewell
and say his final words.

This song is dedicated to all the people who exist on planet earth and
therefore comes the name : “To All Who’s Out There”.

Furthermore, he asked from his twin brother Jody that the lyrics
from the first verse of the song would be engraved on his gravestone
and so it was.

The animation for the music video was created by Anastasia Miasnikova
as it brings to life the paintings David created while staying at the hospital
prior to his death.

This is his voice and those are his final words.

Reviewed by Nagamag on January 23, 2021