Will Pope – Stormy Seas (Spotify)

“The UK artist Will Pope keeps us company with his "Stormy Seas". Chamber Pop sound with distinct Rock influences, which can travel you far away from civilization, in a pure natural scenery! Elegant singing in a mix of sound effects and guitar driven vibrations for your ear pleasure.”



Will Pope’s music expands the boundaries of a folk and pop crossover by mixing a subtle jazz sensibility with the passionate, visceral sensibility of classic roots music. His technicality is matched with soaring vocals and intricate harmonies stemming from a love of soul. His debut album offers an enchanting glimpse into the wide ethereal spaces and sweeping compositions that create this acts signature sound.

His debut release “Burying Giants” is the culmination of years of hard work, shaped by the Beijing music scene, and artists and musicians Pope has collaborated with along the way. The songs tell stories of grief, loss and hope in a changing landscape—shaped partly by his experience of living in China's capital, but also through the isolation that comes with a solo artist working on a debut release.

Reviewed by Nagamag on November 8, 2021