Zachary Bruno – Margin (improv) (Spotify)

“What makes a feather light and why not be a fairy-tale hero? Just listen to Zachary Bruno and its new composition Margin (improv). And you go up into the air and fly high above the forest like a super hero feather. Fabulous adventure!”

“Что бы стать легким перышком не обязательно быть сказочным героем. Достаточно послушать Zachary Bruno и его композицию Margin (improv). И вы поднимитесь в воздух и полетите высоко над лесом. Сказочных приключений!”

Margin is an improv inspired by the cultural and societal "new normals" everyone has undergone in the past few months. It describes distancing, quarantine, prayer, and alone-ness through the use of musical space and minimalism.

In August 2013, Zachary released his debut album, Before the Rain, which reached #37 on the New Age charts. Kathy Parsons, of called the collection of original solo piano pieces “amazing music and an extraordinary beginning to a very promising career in music.” After being introduced to piano lessons at age 6, music composition almost instantly caught Zachary’s interest. And it wasn’t long before he was attempting to scribble down melodies and riffs onto homemade staff-paper. While composition came naturally to Zach, it took the constant encouragement of family and friends to finally persuade him to record his first album of his original compositions. Finally, after over 4 years of practicing, composing, and putting the final touches on the pieces, Zachary released his debut album of 12 original piano solos out into the world. The album would be titled, Before the Rain (2013). It did not take long before he saw an interest for his music, and a year later, he released his second album, Dawn Light (2014), which was promptly nominated and awarded 2015 Album of the Year by Whisperings Solo Piano Radio (2016). Zachary is currently working on his third solo piano album scheduled for release in late fall of 2018.

Reviewed by Nagamag on November 19, 2020