“A top notch electro pop with wonderful sound design full of diversity and energy, and with a vocal style which follows the same and stands out of the usual forma. MΛD FVN, She knows the “skeletons” in your closet: the lies you’ve kept from her, the disguises you put on. You hid your true self, and now that she is smart enough to know better, you can’t hide from her anger. ”

MΛD FVN share with us few words about her:
"When I was 12, I was in an ATV accident with my brother. Then again, at age 21, I had an even worse ATV accident. Neither time was I the one driving, so other than them teaching me to never trust others with heavy machinery, they also left me with a constant, unnerving awareness of death. I realized that my biggest fear is not dying, but dying before I have the chance to give what I love, whether it’s people or passion, all that I’ve got was not an option. Those experiences gave me the gift of perseverance and perspective. I adore every moment of happiness, sadness, and everything in between, with music fueling my purpose to have a life worth living.

Music has always been my saving grace, my true passion, and my ultimate talent. Since I was a little girl, gathering crowds in department stores because I couldn’t help but sing and dance to Britney Spears playing on the store radio, I knew I was born to entertain. From singing, to dancing, to songwriting, to performing, I was born to be a singer like a cat to tearing apart furniture (I know, because I have two). Music gives me the power to embrace every part of who I am in my darkest times to my best moments, all while connecting with people from across the globe. Since growing up traveling the world, from living in Saudi Arabia to backpacking across Asia with my best friend, my ultimate goal is to connect the most emotional, raw, human parts of myself with people all over the planet through the power of music."

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
September 17, 2020

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