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AD Eternal x Yung Shannon – ’87 Vampires

“Sweeping us gently into its memories of simpler times. Soothing synth riffs that built themselves a tempo of slow pleasure. Steady and climbing in its own way to the sky. We really enjoyed the effects applied to the vocals, it really enriched the experience. ”

his is a 80s inspired track with a modernized spin to it. The lyrics and vibe of the track are stemming completely off “The Lost Boys” movie made in 1987. The main lyrical motivation for the song is pulled from a idea of living a life of a vampire in the 1980s searching and finding his true love.

Man from Space – Endless Summer Nights (feat. Huong Su)

“A ride through the retro future we all desired. Classic echoed out drums build an atmosphere that is elevated by all the other components of the program. Her voice is alluring and takes us by the hand as the story of the endless summer nights is told. ”

Everybody had a perfect summer that will never come back. When friends were true friends and things could last forever. This is a song to say goodbye to that perfect moment in life.

Dakoda Rollins – Like I Need You

“Its majestic from a minimal perspective. Not too much and just enough. A bit retro and well thought out rhythmic spaces. The voice climbs the soothing beat as if on a mountain with fresh coat of snow. Smooth and romantic in its own echoed way. ”

"Like I Need You" is a lush ballad with synthpop landscapes. A slightly more adventurous follow up to "Dreaming Of You", the song stands strong with sultry vocals, an e-piano and guitar solo, and is bookended with a nice vocoded outro

MKSTN – Super Model

“The track that made a crushing blow to the ears of lovers of the genres of Chillwave and Lo-Fi House. An illusion of immersion in a different, parallel world is created, in which energy completely masters your body. Hypnotizing work capable of introducing into a state of deep trance. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Трек, который произвел сокрушительный удар по ушам любителей жанров Chillwave и Lo-fi House. Создаётся иллюзия погружения в иной, параллельный мир, в котором энергия полностью овладевает вашим телом. Гипнотизирующая работа, способная ввести в состояние глубокого транса.”

"Super Model" is about a fictional story of an outdated A.I. robot that ironically feels growing pains when viewing newer versions of itself. It's a song created with the intent of feeling euphoric and emotional on the dance floor. I wanted to combine elements of everything I love listening to that would give me goosebumps live or in my headphones. Psychedelic synths, classic electronic drum machines, yearning electric guitars, a groovy bass-line, and a chant that makes everyone feel "forever young".

kid soma – 4am, Doin OK

“The incendiary melody of Chillwave and Dream Pop with modern sound synthesis and author talent. Soft and intriguing vocals, such a lamp, slow rhythmic pace and touching melody. Music can brighten all your evenings. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Зажигательная мелодия Chillwave и Dream Pop с современными возможностями синтеза звука и талантом автора. Мягкий и интригующий вокал, такой ламповый, медленный ритмический темп и трогательная мелодия. Музыка способная скрасить все ваши вечера.”

AD Eternal x Yung Shannon – Neon Afterlife

“Extremely unusual, warm track in the nostalgic genres of Synthwave and Chillwave. Some mystics and mysteriousness can be traced. The author's stream of consciousness transmitted through the ancient language of sounds. Bright barrel, intriguing bass, deep vocal and unique style. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Чрезвычайно необычный, тёплый трек в ностальгических жанрах Synthwave и Chillwave. Прослеживается некая мистичность и таинственность. Авторский поток сознания переданный через древний язык звуков. Яркая бочка, интригующий бас, глубокий вокал и уникальный стиль.”

Young Shields – All Good

“The new Chillwave release from "Young Shields" is here to offer unique moments of inner peace. if you feel pain in your heart, those lyrics will eliminate it and the singer's voice will calm your anxious mind. Prepare your favourite drink and follow this sound.”

All Good is the new single from Young Shields. The song is about letting go of a relationship & moving on. The music video was shot and directed by British actor Jack Farthing, known for his roles in Oscar nominated films Spencer and The Lost Daughter, and features actress Hanako Footman, known for her role in hit Netflix show The Crown. The track will be followed by a remix from UK Garage DJ Perception.

il:lo – Soldiner

-Automatic Translation with Google Translate-
Beautiful, relaxing Chillwave melody on calm hypnotic waves DownTempo. Just click on the play button and feel how your body breaks away from this world and ferry in the swelling. Almost 6 minutes of bliss at your personal disposal!”

“Красивая, расслабляющая мелодия Chillwave на спокойных волнах гипнотического Downtempo. Просто нажмите на кнопку воспроизведения и почувствуйте, как ваше тело отрывается от этого мира и парит в поднебесье. Практически 6 минут блаженства в вашем личном распоряжении!”

French electronic duo il:lo announces that they have signed to Nettwerk (Ark Patrol, Dreamers Delight, Hermitude) and make their label debut with the new single “Soldiner.” Comprised of producers Dejan Dejado and Andreas Schültz, il:lo creates an angular, yet airy deep house blend with expansive builds and mesmerising textures.

“Our new single Soldiner stands out from previous releases and marks the beginning of a new era, a musical production resolutely turned towards deep house which is more on electronic elements,” the duo remarks. “We wanted to grab the listener with powerful leads and soulful arpeggiators. This track is an emotional journey with a joyful start, intense body and final resolution.”

Producers Dejan Dejado and Andreas Schültz prove that two heads are better than one. After meeting in Prague in 2010, the duo formed a fast musical connection that spawned their dynamic and sprawling electronic act il:lo. With Dejado digging into unique samples and Andreas the editing and arranging mastermind, il:lo embody a yin and yang style of complimentary forces.

They describe il:lo as “difficult to capture or hold permanently, having wings.” This meaning can be derived from the definition of the world volatile and highlights their proclivity for shape-shifting moods and the uncanny ability to mutate between downtempo, trip hop, and deep house. Their influences are as far ranging as their music, citing 90s IDM, liquid drum & bass, and even hip-hop, jazz, and world music as playing a role in their compositions.

Throughout their career, il:lo have toured much of Europe taking cues from the exotic architecture around them. The angular aesthetic serves as a driving force in their bold minimalism. From 2015 EP Places to 2019’s Sloh, the duo’s creative vision is apparent in both their musical evolution and their visual identity.

Following the release of Sloh, il:lo took to the road once more touring with renowned beatmaker Blockhead as well as collaborating with electronic mainstay Emancipator, and the otherworldly CloZee on official remixes. They continued to broaden their horizons with remixes for Mt. Wolf, Panama and Jerro. At the top of 2022, il:lo unveiled their first live record with Anjunadeep Live Sessions, a culmination of their work with the progressive London-based dance label Anjunadeep.

Now, joining forces with Nettwerk, il:lo’s composition methods remain unchanged. Through their endless musical journey, the dualistic mindset continues to evolve and encourage listeners to let go and take flight.

Stay tuned for more from il:lo.

Sundayman – Circles

“Shinny electronic patterns, cool basslines and elusive vocals are waiting you in "Circles". A new Downtempo track that will earn your appreciation from its first seconds. This time, the greek veteran in the scene has teamed with Anastasia Basta and the result sounds quite successful.”

Circles is a warm and smooth balearic downtempo and chill out track featuring Anastasia Basta with her etherial vocals and lyrics. A melodic master piece that will guide you in outer space sound within a heartbeat from a wonderful inner cosmos!

Born in Athens, Greece, Kyriakos Moustakas (aka Sundayman) has been acquainted to music from an early age – at 6 he started piano lessons and music theory, by 15 he was already incorporating electronic sounds and synthesizers in his first compositions-. His passion for music and the pursuit of his artistic development led him on a dedicated path towards production and sound engineering.

In 1998 he joined the Los Angeles-based recording company, M-beat, as their lead producer. From then on, he has constantly participated in many compilations in Greece and the US.

Under the name Sundayman, he has released two solo albums: “Outerland” (2009) and “Retronome” (2012). He is also member of the ambient duet Yellow Slots, counting one release already and getting ready for the next one.

In 2001, he founded Inhousemusic and he is also co-founder of Rabbeats Music. Both companies are specializing in the creation and production of bespoke music for television, radio spots and film soundtracks. Through Inhousemusic he has worked with almost every advertising agency in Greece, composing and producing music for more than 400 TV spots.

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