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Peter Aries – Electric Mirage (Video)

“Light and cheerful track with balanced and carefully chosen melodies. A truly “Electric Mirage” from Peter to welcome the new year with the best Synthwave experience.”

Peter is a Swedish producer with main focus on electronic genres such as synthwave, trance and more.

His first official release was the EP “Finally” which was released in 2006, on CD only. Since then he has released +100 tracks and has continued to confuse his fans by switching style/genres back and forth, never stopping to experiment and following his passion – the simple joy of creating music. He has been working as both a solo artist and in collaboration with other artists, such as MarsTv, Social Ambitions and Karin My.

Isla Noon – Summer Love (Video)

“Isla Noon managed to create an incredibly warm, summer atmosphere with her debut single Summer Love.”

“Isla Noon удалось создать невероятно тёплую, летнюю атмосферу в своём дебютном сингле Summer Love. ”

The music of Isla Noon is created through an intentional blend of analog and digital instruments, sinking into the rich and tactile textures of analog synthesizers to unleash vibrant soundscapes. Her forthcoming single, Summer In August draws on the evocative high of pop through gripping melodies, while an undeniable emotional connection is gained through her honest and intimate vocal.

Flõstate – TIME (Video)

“How much we love when shared from first seconds harmonic softness and ethereal vocals, through well treat sound mix. Inviting you quickly to stay and enjoy deeper the listening, which usually never let you down to the end like here. A beautiful flow of soft grooves, gently funk riffs, heartwarming+g vocals and the right space between all these layers. Flõstate knows how to cook a good song, and TIME is the the proof of that. ”


Canadian duo Flõstate release a visual accompaniment to their spell-binding debut single “Time”. The brainchild of Avery Florence and MKSTN, Flõstate’s fantasy RnB sound brings something breathtaking to the table.

When we were in the stages of looking to visually represent our music with our first release, Magdalene Kan (Creative Director) introduced us to the dynamic duo, Elliot Muscat (Director, Producer) and Tristan C-M (DOP).

We are constantly drawn to the imperfections and qualities of film, and wanted a heightened feeling to be the centre of the video’s attention – trying to capture a feeling of only ever almost touching, fragments of moments are interwoven throughout the song’s continuous momentum.

This video captures the sensual desire of losing oneself in a timeless state. The continuous flow of nature’s waves, life and death, light and darkness.

“Tristan and I worked closely with the artists to visually express their passion and authenticity. Part of the creative execution involved using a mix of film mediums and techniques that mirror the magical qualities of the music. Working with Flostate is always nothing short of awesomeness and downright fun.” – Elliott Muscat (Director, Producer)

The Story So Far

Flõstate is a fantasy R&B duo from space. Consisting of producer MKSTN and songwriter Avery Florence, two worlds collide creating multi-instrumental soundscapes and virtuous vocals. Flõstate is the effortless, endless search.

Inspired by a wide variety of artists and genres, the duo site acts such as Beach House, Galimatias, Tame Impala, Jimi Hendrix, Lana Del Rey, Bon Iver, Enya, Little Mermaid, Matt Corby, Jeff Buckley and Pink Floyd as key influences to their sound.

Flõstate embodies a spell-casting, fantasy RnB sound which serves to represent the space in-between moments.

Evripidis and His Tragedies (featuring Rachel Kenedy)-Your Dreams (Official Video) (Video)

“With a minimal asset of positive melodic lines and soft beats, mixed gently along with beautiful vocal stories which engage your daydreaming needs. Your need to make your life more happy and beautiful. An entrancing song which make you smile. ”

Your Dreams is an ode to one’s particular longings coming from a place of starry-eyed purity. In Evripidis’ words: “This is a song about yearning, sleepless nights and most of all, hope, about trying to overcome your fears and hesitations, struggling to leave a suffocating situation be it a family, a relationship, a job, a city, and move on, although you might not even know what exactly you are aiming for.”

Conceived as a piano ballad, it was later transformed by Evripidis, his boyfriend Marc Ribera and producer Sergio Perez, into an indie dance pop anthem, full of analogue synth sounds, complete with an ecstatic instrumental coda. It features Rachel Kenedy (from indie pop darlings Flowers and experimental pop group Fuse Box City) as a guest vocalist

Evripidis and His Tragedies is the handsome and goofy alter-ego of Evripidis Sabatis (born and raised in Athens, based in Barcelona). Through his devastating, confesional and darkly humorous pop songs he tries to dissect and ultimately own the vicissitudes of life, invoking a pop sensibility featuring quirky lyrics as he takes us for a bumpy, dancy ride across the fine line between tragedy and joie de vivre. He draws influences from the vast spectre of pop music of the last 60 years, adding his classical piano training.

He has released four full-length LPs to the day, three of them sung mostly in English and the last one sung entirely in Greek while he is about to release a fifth one, featuring a shift towards a synthetic sound

Weland – Killed by My Love (Video)

“Take your polished 1969 Dodge for a ride out on the night, throw this in, and drive through the city lights. The synth pop vibes here will make you breath for life, while you enjoy the nowadays life, never forget the retro life of the good things, where people knew how to spent valuable their time out of screens. ”

The song is about a guy who is loosing the love he though he had.

It was written, recorded, and mixed by me in my basement home studio using real hardware vintage synths like Roland Juno 106 and Yamaha DX7. I use a few VST instrument for stuff like drums and bass and additional keyboard roles.

The lead vocal is sung by Chris Cron who lives in Nashville. We never actually met in person, but worked together via the internet. I sent him a demo with me singing poorly, and he then did it brilliantly in return.

Few words about Weland

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Synthpop songwriter and producer Weland started releasing music in 2019 after trying to write a catchy pop song for 30 years.

“Every time I tried to write or sing something, my critical inner panel of judges rolled their eyes and shook their heads in despair. I always loved pop music, but the inner judges had agreed that I should know better. They had also emphasized that as an adult student at the Music Conservatory, I should focus on far more challenging music genres and skills.

I believed that my attraction to pop would pass and one day I would ‘grow up’ musically. But it just never happened – I still like a good pop song.

Over the years, I have spent thousands of hours recording, mixing, and fine-tuning completely finalized pop productions, except without any melody or lyrics. Those elements were a mystery to me, like a special superpower that only a few people had, and I was not one of them.

But then one day something changed. Maybe it was the realization that we don’t live forever, and if you, like me, are struggling with inner judges, that stops you from doing things you really want, you need to tell them to put a sock in it and ignore it.”

Weland was originally a rock drummer playing professionally in bands signed on EMI and Sony Music, but has always been fascinated by synthesizers and studio equipment.

“The whole process of making it sound like a record was magical for me. I wanted to crawl into that stereo universe of a well-produced pop song and stay there for much longer than the three minutes it lasted. I could listen to the same song again and again and again…

I was a teenager in the 80s and I guess the soundtrack of my life originates from that era, so I keep drawing inspiration from that period. Luckily the 80s vibe is kind of in fashion right now, so I’m just enjoying the ride. In a few years it will be over, and nobody will want to hear a synth or reverb on anything again.”

Matan Arkin – Violet Hour (Spotify)

“Matan Arkin offers us an hour to visit the purple (Violet Hour), released on OIOI Recordings, an hour which so far was a mystery, an enigma. With his soft beats and vocals we step into unknown territories. Where we are now? Listen and find the answer.”

“Matan Arkin предлагает нам посетить фиолетовый час, в котором есть таинственность и загадка. Мы шагаем в такт его голоса по неизвестным ранее местам. Куда мы придем? Послушайте и найдите ответ.”

Matan Arkin is a producer that creates magical music that not just moves bones and feet but also touches heart and soul.

Mystical sound landscapes merging with earthy beats from all over the world, of all kinds and genres.

There are no boundaries in his music which makes the listener be deeply touched and go on a mediate journey. – Why Should I Run – Radio Edit (Spotify)

“ pinch us to think -why should i run- ?, with his new single under the imprint - A Grand Strategy. Teasing us with the right synthpop craft of synth arp layers and groove, with an abundant wide vocal performance and an upbeat chorus. Stop to run, and enjoy good music.”

Ever having those nights when your mind moves back & forth like a grinder, through things to do & come & already gone? Why should I Run is a little song to soothe your restless head, a charming plea for a moment of halt in uncertain and relentless times. The track’s sweet 80s-infused synth melodies and its pop attitude might fool you into believing this is just another superficial radio pop song. But the lyrics and’s very immediate vocals give proof that this is not just another background-playing elevator tune.

Why Should I Run? is the first single off’s debut album, due to release in February 2021. Together with a long list of guests and featured artists, he explores an astonishing variety of styles and genres, including Folk, Soul, Acoustic pop, Techno, Disco, Breakbeat and Hip Hop, always with a strong focus on lyrics. The album revolves around the topic of the clear ambiguity, shimmering variety and pale randomness of modern urban life. is an independent solo artist, producer and DJ from Berlin.

Finding inspiration in Nordic Singer/Songwriters, Indie Pop, trashy 90s Radio Dance and Electronic Funk, he oscillates between honest, hand-crafted songwriting and the glittering, noise-heavy sphere of electronic music. From sparsely arranged, almost inaudible acoustic songs to massive, itchy dance tracks, you can easily spot’s urge to always explore new ideas and expressions.

On stage he thrives with an astonishing range of styles and an eclectic electro-acoustic performance with vocals, piano, Glockenspiel, synthesizers, effects and his trumpet.

Besides continuous performances on festivals and stages in Germany, Prague, New York, Bucharest and Copenhagen, writes music for theatre plays, animation films, web TV series and a smartphone game, but also produces and remixes other artists and projects.

MARI – Losing My Way [Official MV] (Video)

“An uncomplicated melody with a simple groove, it’s the right thing for our complex times. no need rush in our lives. Sometimes you need just to stop, listen, just relax. Mari with Losing My way offer this to us in a beautiful way. ”

“Незамысловатая мелодия с простым ритмом, возможно это то, что нужно многим. не нужна спешка в нашей жизни, и иногда нужно остановиться, что бы просто слушать, просто расслабиться.”

“Losing My Way” is about falling for someone you barely know, you give it your all to a point of detriment, but she doesn’t turn out to be who she was in your head.

MARI is a Bangkok based indie pop band. The 3 members, Justin, Jake, and Iñigo, are all professional musicians with successful backgrounds who wanted to take their musical journeys in a new direction.

The Alphabet Zero – I’ll Feel Better (Spotify)

“An atmospheric chilwave composition by The -Alphabet Zero- which surely will make you feel better through its lush harmonies.”

“Атмосферная и солнечная композиция заставит вас чувствовать себя лучше вместе с новым синглом The Alphabet Zero.”

The Alphabet Zero is a popwave act from Nashville, TN. Comprised of primary artist Andy Walker, the group is bolstered by Brad Beal, who performs vocals and live drums, and Kellie Besch, a vocalist and solo artist who also contributes live keys to the group.

In addition to hook-heavy tracks like “Tonight,” Walker creates powerful ambient and cinematic works under The Alphabet Zero name, most recently on the Foyer motion picture soundtrack in collaboration with Makeup and Vanity Set. When Walker and company turn their attention to pop music, the trio’s ability to craft subtle pieces shaded with complex, real-world lyrics and emotion puts them in an exclusive group of up-and-coming creators. ~Iron Skullet

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