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Anna Cuomo – WHAT IF

“Never cease to believe in fairy tales, your dreams are all that you have, they are like a tool for realizing all your desires. This will help you with the light notes of Jazz music and the atmosphere of Chillwave, and the captivating voice -anna kuomo will do everything so that you relax and rest.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Никогда не переставайте верить в сказки, ваши мечты это всё, что у вас есть, они как инструмент для реализации всех ваших желаний. В этом вам помогут лёгкие нотки Jazz музыки и атмосфера Chillwave, а пленительный голос -Anna Cuomo- сделает всё для того, чтобы вы расслабились и отдохнули.”

Amateur Aztec Hour – Clandestination

“Find a taste of vintage Indie sound in a track that easily keeps you interested until its last second. Those vocals can calm down every anxious mind and give more life to the rhythmic parts. Cool, surprising and proffesional production.”

"Clandestination" is loosely based on the late '80s film, 'Mannequin.' It is a "carpe diem" fascination with mannequins that questions the perpetual use of these strange shells of humans that are forever upright and frozen in time.

Vol. 0 is the debut album from Amateur Aztec Hour, aka Daniel Ramirez, out of Austin, Texas. The "Amateur Aztec Hour" moniker comes from the experience of growing up Mexican American, and everything that comes with that in the central Texas region. The music addresses modernity, substance abuse, self deprecation, and existentialism with a poetic type of social critique. The underlying irony of this solo project is its attempt to combat both isolation and insulation.

Singer/songwriter and producer Daniel Ramirez plays keys, synth, SP-404, MPC, bass, and guitar. The solo project was started in the Spring of 2021. Amateur Aztec Hour is influenced by '70s Dub producers, early trip hop, and general psychedelia.

"The project grew from my the passing of my last living grandparent, Raul Ramirez," Daniel says. "He was nothing short of a mythical man. He dropped out of school well before high school, fought in world war 2 in the battle of the bulge, didn't visit a doctor until forced to after the war, fished with tires, was a super aztec athlete, and lived to 99 years old. He passed away with a beautiful full head of hair. He was born shortly after the Spanish flu ended in 1920 and left this earth a month before the first case of COVID hit San Antonio in 2020. Some say it was his passing that gave way to the virus' spread into Texas. His passing sparked an existential moment of clarity, and a need to further explore the two most important questions, "What the hell are we doing on this rock?" and "Who the hell are we?"(or who the hell do we think we are?)"

Skyko – The Water

“The music of the ocean, on the expanses of which the waves of Lounge and Chillwave wander, melting at sunset like vanilla ice cream. A rhythmic, with a beautiful melody track for everyone who loves meditative and romantic music.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Музыка океана, на просторах которой блуждают волны Lounge и Chillwave, тая на закате словно ванильное мороженое. Ритмичный, с красивой мелодией трек для всех, кто любит медитативную и романтическую музыку.”

Digital Empathy – French Connection

“From this track it blows with magical symbolism, as if you were in the rainy megalopolis of the future and you are surrounded by the atmosphere of a gloomy cyberpunk from all sides. Welcome to the city of the future, where you are greeted by the hypnotic rhythms of DarkSynth and Chillwave.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“От этого трека веет магическим символизмом, как будто вы оказались в дождливом мегаполисе будущего и вас со всех сторон окружает атмосфера мрачного киберпанка. Добро пожаловать в город будущего, где вас встречают гипнотические ритмы Darksynth и Chillwave.”

Sin Cos Tan – More Than I Can Love

“In this Synthpop track, many of you will meet the familiar sounds of the old synthesizers of the 80s, with which -sin cos tan synthesized such a tube track and made it possible to make a time jump.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“В этом Synthpop треке многие из вас встретят знакомые звуки старых синтезаторов 80-ых годов, с помощью которых -Sin Cos Tan- синтезировал такой ламповый трек и дал возможность совершить прыжок во времени. ”

”You Again” was the first single taken from the forthcoming Sin Cos Tan album “Living in Fear” and this second single “More Than I Can Love” is a lighthearted burst of energy to kickstart your summer too. Bouncy basslines and a catchy chorus – what more could you ask for?

Finland’s leading electropop duo Sin Cos Tan – comprising of singer-songwriter Juho Paalosmaa and artist/producer Jori Hulkkonen – is releasing its highly anticipated LP after a long hiatus. “You Again” is the first single from their upcoming fourth album.

On their next album “Living in Fear”, the band unleashes its uncompromising sound and energy for a world dealing with chaos and fear. The result is a gem of timeless pop music that proves the duo to be at the peak of their creative powers. Do you fear the dark, love, war, or yourself? Whatever the answer, you can be certain:

Fear is a powerful thing.

Midnight Smoke – Last Call

“There was only the last call, on the table an under -party cup of tea and this evening will become a decoration for your mood. Let this melody Lounge and Jazz become a friend for you in these enchanting moments. Enjoy.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Остался всего последний звонок, на столе недопитая чашка чая и этот вечер станет украшением для вашего настроения. Пусть эта мелодия Lounge и Jazz станет для вас другом в эти чарующие минуты. Наслаждайтесь.”

Spirit Pure – Easy

“If you decide to get acquainted with such a genre as Dream Pop, then this track will become a real conductor and guide to this charming world. A drunk, hypnotic rhythm, serene vocals and an atmosphere of complete harmony with oneself.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Если вы решили познакомиться с таким жанром, как Dream Pop, то этот трек станет настоящим проводником и путеводителем в этот очаровательный мир. Пьянящий, гипнотический ритм, безмятежный вокал и атмосфера полной гармонии с самим собой.”

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