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Donna Senders, Humbi – safe (Spotify)

“Summer, tangible evening, green tea brewed in a copper bowler in the forest and favourite delicacy on her knees. Through the open doors of creation, the Neo-Soul melody of -Safe- is composed. By closing our eyes, we feel the smell of trees around... with their rustling foliage fading away in order to return again.”

“Летний, осязаемый вечер, зелёный чай заваренный в медном котелке в лесу и любимое лакомство на коленках. Через открытые двери машины сочится мелодия neo-soul, которой наполнена композиция -safe-. Закрыв глаза мы чувствуем запах деревьев вокруг, шелест листвы и мысленно исчезаем вдали, чтобы вновь вернуться.”

"safe" is made for everybody who knows or wants to know the feeling of being safe in a relationship with your loved one. This can relate to personal battles to get you there, accepting your sexuality, or whatever comes to your mind. A vulnerable yet bubbly song for all the lovers.

Nother, Moon Leap – Lines (Spotify)

“There is a music that remains forever in our hearts. Really worth hearing the captivating voice of vocalist. Organic sound, every sound in its place and fit into the overall sound design by adding depths and melodic eloquence.”

“Есть музыка, которая навсегда остаётся в наших сердцах. -Lines- оживает, стоит лишь услышать пленительный голос вокалистки. Органичный звук, каждый инструмент на своих местах и вписываются в общую звуковую картину, добавляя ей глубины и мелодичной эпичности. ”

“Lines” is the second single from the upcoming album “Future is Bright”.

A lo-fi arpeggio and deep beat guide Moon Leap’s voice through a texture of bright synths that float around your head, as the colors of the Northern Lights soar across the sky of your emotion, till the exploding end.

The calmness of her voice is a whisper that travels through the layers of the song and the relentless drums.

“Lines” is one of the most challenging songs I’ve written, trying to find the perfect balance between my own emotions and rhythm.

It describes the connection with someone who saved you from apathy, and Moon Leap helped me a lot during the writing process of the lyrics.

Her voice is capable of striking the outer reaches of your soul, and she was perfect for a song where the movement of the beats grows constantly.

Kebu – Fleeting Lights (Video)

“Synthwave melody that is deeply inspired from a forgotten era. Organically pleasant keyboards sound and pleasant whisper of nostalgia. -Fleeting Lights- is the time to dream about the past.”

“Мелодия synthwave сильно окунает с головой в ушедшую, но так и не погасшую эпоху. Приятный проигрыш, органично звучащие клавишные и приятный шепот ностальгии. -Fleeting Lights- самое время для того, чтобы пофантазировать о былом. ”

The synthesizer wizard Kebu is back with a second single from his upcoming third studio album “Urban Dreams”. Conceived during a time of lock-downs and people living in isolation in confined spaces, this instrumental album is exploring dreams – both those occurring during sleep and daydreams.

“Fleeting Lights” is a celebration of power ballads and soft rock beats from the eighties – essentially music that surrounded and influenced Kebu when he was young. Instead of being nostalgic or witty about it, Kebu executes the uplifting and optimistic track like the world never moved on past that decade. Again, Kebu is pushing the limits of what can be done with analog synthesizers – similar to Kebu’s earlier releases, this track – and his upcoming album – consist of a sound universe made only with analog synthesizers and analog drum machines. The synths used on “Fleeting Lights” are also featured in the music video. In addition to the original mix, the single contains also a shorter radio edit.

Ambientcloud – Drifter (Spotify)

“Good music has always a great impact to us and we all have to do is just spot and listen to it. Here is a bright example from "Ambientcloud", simply too nice to resist and also mind soothing. The artist proves his talent in a single based on Chillwave synth waveforms with gradual progression and excellent build up.”

Le Chic Electrique – Sunbreeze (Spotify)

“"Sunbreeze" is a morning single made with care and craft. Carefully chosen wave samples are put in order to build this Lounge gem. The best electronic sound for our chilling moments as offered from "Le Chic Electrique". Irresistible and addictive too.”

Chill instrumental,beach vibes

Arena – Fever (Spotify)

“This will be a huge track that will be on every radio station and on every dance hall DJ’s playlist this summer. Superbly produced, expertly arranged, and full of beautifully symphonious vocal harmonies & orchestration, that blend seamlessly with the punchy, percussive makes you want to dance beat. ‘Fever’ by Arena is a well-balanced winner.”

After picking up his first guitar at the age of 10, Joey Arena knew there was no “Plan B,” music is his purpose. Making friends with the road at the age of 17 and living one night at a time, the stages grew bigger as did the fans along the way. Arena grew up in a city of arts, Rochester, NY. The home to household names such as Lou Gramm and Steve Gadd; a geographical foundation in which he’d build a music career.

Mental Minority – Frontier (Video)

“Where are we going and where are we now? Significant questions which we can’t easily answer. “Mental Minority” is calling for a journey in the depths of our existence. Are you ready to reach the frontier of your inner self? Just follow this sound and you’ll get one step closer to the divine.”

Mental Minority is a one-man electronic music project from Bremen, Germany. I´m creating music under this name for more than 20 years now, for the last nine years mostly in the Synthwave/Retrowave genre – often melancholic, sometimes light-hearted and sometimes dark, always trying to avoid the too obvious cliches of the genre but keeping it more…personal.

My music was featured by almost all the influential Synthwave channels on the web like New Retro Wave, The Prime Thanatos, Luigi Donatello, The 80s Guy…

MAZ’N – Glide (Spotify)

“In this special track, "MAZ'N" has managed to capture the beauty itself and deliver it to us via his sound creation. We just ended up speechless with a simple click of the play button! Unbelievable Synthwave patterns, arranged in a totally perfect mix, full of authentic balance and harmony. This is "Glide".”

Glide is a very nice electronic beat driven song, a bit melancholic

Lowbelly, Venec – No There But Here (Spotify)

“A track full of emotion and a feeling of loss that somehow also has a sense of hope. The trumpets and flute are reminiscing perhaps? A good time with loved ones or with good friends? A time in the past that holds precious memories? Melancholic guitars and lamenting harmonies will transport you to your special place.”

A collaboration between Lowbelly and one of the member's sons. Venec is a producer by his own right of chill and trap music (

Lowbelly is Jeremy and Tristan. They began in 1995. This latest work is their first album since 2008. It was released on 4/23/2021. Like previous albums, this is a mixed bag of different genres (this outing includes indie, jazz, pop, go-go, surf rock, sound experimentation, trap, Saharan blues, etc.) Since this album marks the return of Lowbelly, it has been titled II. It's a celebration of their victory against the forces which were opposed to Lowbelly's union - it's triumph over trauma; solidarity over isolation; accomplishment over addiction; dawn over darkness.

A portion of Lowbelly's bandcamp proceeds of this album will go to the Family Justice Center Foundation of Idaho who helps victims of various types of abuse, trafficking, and assault.

Lowbelly is:
Tristan Andreas (also solo artist and member of Phantahex)
Jeremy Miller (also Jeremy from Boise and member of Blood Party, Monster Dudes)

Josephine Philip – Call My Name (Spotify)

“There are no words that can convey the beauty of the melody from -Call My Name-. Sound smooth as the sea surface from a bright, sunny day. Sound aesthetics with their own space. You don't notice how fast are four minutes of composition and you are back to your home port.”

“Нет ни одного слова, которое сможет передать всю красоту мелодии -Call My Name-. Звучание ровное, как морская гладь в яркий, солнечный день. Настоящая эстетика звука, в которой есть свой собственный космос. Не замечаешь, как быстро проходят четыре минуты композиции и ты возвращаешься в свою родную гавань.”

Call My Name is a song about love and longing. The longing to be together, to be important, to be held, to be adored, to be missed and ultimately, the burning longing for somebody ready to make sacrifices to save you. A respite from the ordinary terrors we often face alone. It is also a song about staying strong under unbearable conditions and finding strength in loss. The insisting and mesmerizing vocal - equally strong and fragile, is accompanied by a sparse and dreamy composition with trippy drums. It pushes and pulls with the raw strength of the tide. Immersive and confident, the song engulfs you and carries you away.

Singer, composer and performer Josephine Philip lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Her work is influenced by a multitude of artistic expressions; choir works, contemporary art and performance, jazz standards, experimental music, film, literature and classical music. Call My Name is the first single from Josephine Philip as a solo artist.

Philip began working on her forthcoming album during the winter of 2019 and the process accelerated in the pandemic year of 2020. The mutual isolation that many of us shared, became a catalyst for the process and both compositions and lyrics resonate the personal and communal experiences of this period - cycles of intense being, joy, despair, love, frustration and careful optimism, shattered by pessimism, and then briefly relieved by hope.

The songs are written and produced in collaboration with Copenhagen based producer and musician Lasse Martinussen.

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