Cuushe – Magic [OFFICIAL VIDEO] (Video)

“Magic by Cuushe is a dreamy chillwave/pop song with sensual soulful vocals and beautiful melodic lines, delivering small rain drops of nostalgia around through a heartwarming sound design which gives a softness tickling to ears as a fresh fluffy pillow does.”

Following the big and bright return single “Hold Half”, today Cuushe shares “Magic”, the second single from WAKEN. The track features Mayuko’s distinct whispering vocals flowing in and out of the night drive-style electronic melodies. The “Magic” video is directed by Tao Tajima with animation from Yoko Kuno.

Mayuko Hitotsuyanagi puts clear outlines on her music with upcoming album WAKEN — a collection of vital, dream-pop centric beats and analog soundscapes woven with her newly freed voice, set for a November 20th release via FLAU. It moves through flamboyant analog synthesizers that seem to communicate with the universe, distorted guitars and mille-feuille-layered choruses. Wildly struck snares and beats recall the rave sounds of the ’90s, energetic, carefree.

The Icarus Kid – Idyllwild (Video)

“Set you instantly in a harmonic oasis where beautiful melodic rivers flow, surrounded by rich layers but placed with a right minimalism and push you into a stargazing state!”

Artist shared with us the story behind this:
“In April we escaped the lockdown for a few days and rented a cabin overlooking the forest in Idyllwild, CA. Every morning a fog would blanket the valley below. It was beautiful. On the final morning I wrote this synthwave chillout track to capture the emotion I felt on those cold mornings taking in the sunrise.”

About the artist:
The Icarus Kid has been creating video game remixes and covers since 2009, accompanied by a high-energy live act. In 2020, he is expanding to release original electronic music in a variety of genres.

Superheart – LILO (Spotify)

“Superheart is releasing his brand new single Lilo that marks the dreamy, indie-pop music sphere. Beautifully produced and layered with authentic vocals accompanied by indie-rock percussions and synths composes a form of touching and anthemic music piece”

UK producer, singer/songwriter Superheart is a master of ambient sound. In his new upcoming single "LILO" Superheart brings striking beauty to the world in the form of touching, poignant, and anthemic music.Penning the human experience and pairing it with emotionally charged soundscapes, the UK talent has become a trailblazer in the dreamy, indie-pop music sphere. Continuing to bring innovative and passionate music to the table, "LILO" is Superheart's newest offering. With numerous highly successful releases under his belt- including hit singles "Count On Me," "Talk About It," and "World's on Fire," which landed itself on New Music Friday - along with praise from notable publications including Flaunt Magazine, The 405, and many others, Superheart continues to shine in the indie sphere. Soaring vocals in "LILO" marks new heights for the talented Superheart. Beautifully produced, layered vocals are accompanied by indie-rock percussion (recorded with Eric Jacowitz remotely during lockdown) and 80's synths that draw you in to a dream-pop meets indie-rock time warp. "LILO was the first song I wrote after signing with Akira Records," he shares. "I remember I was having a meeting at Soho House watching these people lying around in the pool in the middle of the day and thinking... who are these people?""The record deal gave me a huge feeling of confidence and I think the epic nature of the track reflects how I was feeling at the time, I wanted to make something massive that could be played in a stadium or sound huge at a festival.""Layered with ambient touches that would make anyone excited to stay in bed a little longer or scurry along to get ready for a night out." - Flaunt Magazine""There's power in subtlety. With 'After Midnight', Superheart carefully curates the layers so as not to overwhelm." - The 405"His airy, indie pop sound creates an uplifting, euphoric vibe throughout and will surely put anyone in a great mood while listening." - This Song is SickSuperheart's music feels like the warmth of being wrapped in a blanket and reminiscing on the best times of your life. With his knack for creating music that envelops you, taking you out of your own world into a place infinitely better and with that, we hope this music brings a little bit of solace.

Kovic ~ Giving Up ~ Feat. Dancer Kaycee Rice (Video)

“A heartwarming song by Kovic which trough beautiful keys and sweet grooves, daydream us with his voice. Kovic please us more through this memorable video thanks to the great performance of dancer Kaycee Rice.”

Mark Kovic (Kovic) is an English singer-songwriter and producer, born and raised in Brentwood, Essex, to a Serbian father and English mother. Known for his baritone vocal and big chorus’, his first momentum-accelerating single titled “Drown” was released in 2017, produced by Jonny Coffer (Beyoncé, Emile Sandé) & Mark Crew (Bastille, Rag N Bone man), and co-written with goliath songwriter Jamie Scott (Jesse Ware, Ed Sheeran, One Direction, Justin Bieber).The track was picked up by the head music supervisor at EA and playlisted on the FIFA 18 soundtrack, catapulting Kovic into the biggest gaming placement of the year, notably joining the top 50 viral Spotify charts across a number of EU countries, and gaining millions of streams within months of release.The debut album for Kovic is due to be released later this year, and will feature a contrasting combination of songs ranging from soulfully haunting balad, to summer infused pop. Among an A-star list cast of creative collaborators, it will also feature a number tracks self-produced and written alongside rising talent and brother Ben Kovic.

andrei – World Away – Andrei Remix (Spotify)

“A wonderful vocal synthwave track for all the retro hunters out there. World Away Remix by Andrei synth layering touches with the sweet warm vocals of Vanela which tickles your ears gives you quick back all the innocence of 80s. ”

Andrei Busuioceanu first met Vanela while touring the UK with his band, RDGLDGRN, back in 2013. They sparked a connection through their mutual love for European Pop, a genre which they are both heavily influenced by; Vanela being Italian and Andrei, Romanian. In February, Vanela released her debut single ‘World Away’, a sweet yet quirky pop song about long distance love. Andrei had the idea to transform it with a synth-wave feel, particularly inspired by the soundtrack from the movie ‘Drive’. The remix brings out the depth of the lyrics and takes the listener on a retro yet futuristic journey. This collaboration may be unexpected but it’s the nostalgic dive we need right now.

Andrei Busuioceanu’s musical portfolio has never quite fit into any category. From electronic, to indie and hip-hop, the Romanian-born artist has been bending genres in the same ways his biggest influences taught him. A member of RDGLDGRN, alternative hip-hop group championed by fellow Virginians Pharrell Williams and Dave Grohl, Andrei branches out with his solo project, exploring a unique sound.

Raligator – Popping Dreams With Broken Beliefs (Video)

“The music you want to listen in the end of a full day, to relax and engage good dreams before get sleep, a wonderful chillwave from Raligator with beautiful harmonies and soft atmosphere.”

Phasing out of the shadows, no apparent paper trail, no records, no fax, no BBM, no TikTok profile, no Snapchat. Raligator emerges with just music. No social media tags are needed here, you won’t find it. Raligator comes and goes, like the mail man, only with enchanting electronic records instead of Yankee Candles and unpaid bills. The first in a data dump coming in the months ahead, we get a preview into the soundscapes on offer from ‘Popping Dreams With Broken Beliefs’ – a hybrid Chill-Out meets Synthwave meets classic Balearic sunsets and 80s inspiration all in one.Swirling absorbing pads twist through the sonic spectrum before intensifying into a crescendo that hails a deep and dense sub bass that swells forward in natural waves of seismic vibrations. Raligator holds a prolific signature sound, contrasting between Downtempo tendencies, more abstract Electronica forms and that central core that always roots somewhere close to a traditional Electronic music genre. This one harks back to classic Balearic Chill-Out, whilst also conjuring Synthwave spirits from the vintage melodic leads. There is euphoria to be found in the angelic vocal which stacks a beautiful chord progression that is absolutely fused with precision to the bass. These elements when stacked all at the same time make the magic moments in the track, with the main chorus section being one of those phrases that you just want to loop and loop to drift away.The accompanying official video is a machine gun of colour provoking introspection, confusion, maybe even a warped and hyper-coloured meditation. Filled with subliminal communications, there is a sequence and code hidden inside the complexity and insanity of the video’s elements. We’ve not worked it out yet – but we’re nearly sure that there are words of wisdom to be found if one is patient or curious enough to resolve the messages and piece together the riddle.‘Popping Dreams With Broken Beliefs’ will be dropping in September.

Align, Jenni Potts – Reflections (Spotify)

Chicago-based producer ALIGN has prepared a shimmering new single called “Reflections”, out now via Lowly. Grounded in atmospheric, emotional production stylings, the track features a dreamy vocal performance from ODESZA-collaborator Jenni Potts to match.

ALIGN explains, “I wrote ‘Reflections’ on an airplane ride. I was kind of forced to sit there and just keep expanding the idea. It became kind of a delicate airy beat and melody. I could tell there was room for more, so I reached out to Jenni, and she really tied things together with a relatable story. Her vocals are what the song needed. I think ‘Reflections’ walks through ups and downs that we’ve all felt before.”

ALIGN (born James Fisher) prides himself on thought-provoking music for the everyday listener. Throughout the beginning of his promising career, ALIGN has already appeared alongside the likes of Louis The Child, Illenium, Autograf, Hayden James, Thomas Jack, SNBRN, and GTA among a host of others. Additionally, both his remix for Win and Woo's “Constellation” and original collaboration “All in Our Eyes” with fellow Chicago artist Mielo reached #1 on the HypeM popular charts.

Yuanfen – L1 (Video)

L1 from Yuanfen, coming from the same title EP, is a dream pop, chillwave with nice and soft groove, nostalgic guitars and beautiful vocals that give you a retro feeling, while partly includes nostalgia here – mostly you get a positive outlook from the harmonies.

Yuanfen, Currently based in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and London (UK), Yuanfen is a project of two friends, collaborating across borders. They officially formed in 2019, following a couple of collaborative projects and a shared mutual interest in creating something unique.

Expect to hear dance-infused downtempo indie that draws from a broad spectrum of influences—from UK underground music to dream pop. Think washed out guitars; crisp, swung percussion; hard-hitting in the low end; airy synths, pads, and textures to tie everything together.

Lowercase People – Blooming (Spotify)

Lowercase People – Blooming


Lyrically revolving around the common misunderstanding and poor outlook Americans seem to have on homeless people, "Blooming", was intended to inspire people to love their fellow humans and to treat them as such. As far as the music goes, it was an experiment in restraint. We wanted to challenge ourselves to make a chill song and be slightly less indulgent than we have been with our other songs. We were very influenced by Scarypoolparty, Bjork, and DJ Shadow in the writing/recording process for this track.

-Noah Saunders (Keyboards/Vocals/Lyrics in the band.)

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