Xenia Gargali, Periklis Biskinis – To Komodino (Spotify)

“Fabulous, warm and melodic song, whose rhythmic tango awakens the most intimate and sincere feelings. -To Komodino- can be compared with a slice of bitter chocolate or old, everlasting brandy. Real dance and holiday for soul and body!”

“Сказочная, тёплая и мелодичная песня, чьё ритмичное танго пробуждает самые сокровенные и искренние чувства. -To Komodino- можно сравнить с долькой горького шоколада или старым, многолетним коньяком. Настоящий танец и праздник для души и тела!”


The nightstand is a kaleidoscope of moments and phases of our life on which we rest our thoughts and dreams, and in its drawers we keep our memories.

The nightstand reminds us to feel fullness and gratitude for the now without waiting for the ... ideal condition.

The "restless artistic rooms" in which singers, actors, musicians, dancers express themselves freely come together to lean on the same nightstand.

- –

Το κομοδίνο είναι ένα καλειδοσκόπιο στιγμών και φάσεων της ζωής μας που πάνω του ακουμπάμε τις σκέψεις και τα όνειρα μας, και στα συρτάρια του φυλάμε τις αναμνήσεις μας.

Το κομοδίνο μας θυμίζει να νιώθουμε πληρότητα κι ευγνωμοσύνη για το τώρα χωρίς να περιμένουμε την... ιδανική συνθήκη.

Τα «ανήσυχα καλλιτεχνικά δωμάτια» στα οποία τραγουδιστές ηθοποιοί μουσικοί χορεύτριες εκφράζονται ελεύθερα ενώνονται για να ακουμπήσουν όλοι στο ίδιο κομοδίνο.


Olivero – Souvenir De Viena (Video)

“As soon as you include -souvenir de vien, then you immediately feel the taste of an amazing musical pattern, whose virtuoso game captures and does not let go to the very end! Stunning energy that does not allow to make another breath, so you will not have a chance to translate your breath to the last second!”

“Как только вы включаете -Souvenir De Vien-, то сразу ощущаете вкус удивительного музыкального рисунка, виртуозная игра которой захватывает и не отпускает до самого конца! Потрясающая энергетика, которая не даёт сделать очередной вдох, так что у вас не будет шанса перевести дыхание до последней секунды!”


A very exciting Latin/Flamenco Song , included Drums, Bass and saxophone. original melodies, changing of speed/intensity/emotional moods

Follow Olivero:
Instagram: www.instagram.com/olivero__flamenco/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/OliveroFlamenco
Official Site: oliveromusic.com/

Biskinis Mantras – GAIA | Official Music Video (4K) (Video)

“There are a lot of genres included in Gaia, the spiffingly awesome track by Biskinis Mantras. It is Jazzy, Funky, & Dubby, it has elements of Rock, Afro Rock. It has an Eastern vibe & a Psychedleic flavour too. This track is like a musical birthday present that includes all of your favourites in one package.”


Gaia is an instrumental track.

Gaia is a genre of a mixed Psychedelic Eastern Afro-Rock style.

The main theme is written at a Byzantine scale and the second theme is at a Dorian scale which is one of the Ancient Greek scales.

The mood is a mystical dance and a different style of meditation

Gaia is the sound of the 3rd Ray,

Gaia is the vibration of the personality of the earth.


Greek Brothers, Giota Papadopoulos – Touto To Mina (Spotify)

“According to the composite construction and music from -TouTo to Mina-, it is strongly allocated on a general background, which distinguishes this work from many others. Very pleased with the solo in the loss of stunning emotional promise. The composition itself sounds very fresh and balanced.”

“По композиционному построению и музыке -Touto To Mina- сильно выделяется на общем фоне, что отличает эту работу от многих других. Очень порадовало соло в проигрыше, потрясающий эмоциональный посыл. Сама по себе композиция звучит очень свежо и сбалансировано.”



Based in England, Greek Brothers began as a function band, building a strong local following performing Greek folk music at weddings, summer festivals and local bars throughout the UK, as well as in Germany and Greece.

Recently unable to perform live due to Covid, the band turned to recording, working on a selection of their favourite Greek folk songs, as well as original material.

Their aim is to combine traditional Greek music and contemporary Western sounds in equal parts, drawing on both their Greek and British influences to create works that are simultaneously old and new, Eastern and Western. The song “Touto To Mina” is the band’s first attempt at this.

The vocals of the track are provided by 23-year-old German based singer, Giota Papadopoulou.
A close friend of the band, they performed together often and have plans for further recording collaborations.

Periklis Biskinis – Panthers (Spotify)

“We must pay tribute to the creator of -Panthers- track. He has made a spiritual work, from which may result some harmony for the body and soul. A great opportunity to relax and clean your mind from any thoughts for the next five minutes.”

“Нужно отдать должное авторам трека -Panthers-, у них вышла очень душевная работа, от которой так и веет беззаботностью, гармонией души и тела. Прекрасная возможность расслабиться и не думать ни о чём хотя бы пять минут.”


A Greek Reggae song full of groove


Geeva Flava – Kelek | Official Music Video (Video)

“-Kelek- has a very correct intro that tunes its listener in the right way. Restrained expression, varied rhythms and real fireworks of genres such as; jazz, rock and folk. Conceptual work,finds a place of honor in the collection of any music lover.”

“В -Kelek- очень правильное интро, которое настраивает своего слушателя на нужный лад. Сдержанная экспрессия, разнообразная ритмика и настоящий фейерверк таких жанров, как; jazz, rock и folk. Концептуальная работа, почётное место в коллекции любого меломана.”


This is the 9th track of our recent album “Hadal Zone”. The album has a 10 track story-based structure. In this song artist shares the cultural blending that comes from being a citizen in Istanbul.


Formed in 2013, Geeva Flava have been making music by blending jazz, rock, folk music and progressive genres with their unique style. The band first came to light with the album that carries the same name as the band in 2016, now continuing their work with active members, Aybars Gülümser, Burak Erensoy, Arda Semercioğlu and Atakan Türkan. In 2017, Geeva Flava, released Dereboyu and Humble Jungle songs as a part of the live session project “Sürmekan” that tells the story of the places with music. The band continued its experimental journey with two EP’s titled “Botanic #1” and “Kinetic #2”, which they released in 2018 and 2019. In 2019, they released the video clip of their song Tavşantepe Metro, and in 2020, they released their single “Telve”, in which they added electronic elements to their musical spectrum. In the same year, after the pandemic, they concentrated on their work and completed the new album, Hadal Zone. Geeva Flava, searching for alternative ways to tell stories, also included a comic book in the project which will be released with the album. The band still continues to work for their new EP project.

Geeva Flava also took the stage in many festivals such as PSM Jazz Festival, IKSV Jazz Festival, Parklarda Caz, METU Alternative Music Festival, Offtown Festival, Bilgi New Music Festival; performed in stages such as Zorlu PSM Touché, Salon IKSV, Arkaoda, Dam, Peyote, Bronx Pi, Mask, Fenerbahçe Parkı.


Kasbah Rockers – Jablia (Spotify)

“An interesting blend of middle-eastern & western music styles that incorporates a Moroccan, Turkish & also a modern EDM feel. At first sounding like a Classic Bollywood film score the fabulous, infectious rhythms, progressively take you on a whirlwind musical journey of the middle-east, throwing in a few up to date twists along the way. ”



Moroccan artist collective, melting since the 90's Algerian, Middle Eastern, Turkish and Somali tribal roots with diverse styles of Electronica, as influences of Dub, Trip Hop, Psy Trance and Dance sounds.


Leila Milki – Fall Asleep (Spotify)

“The composition titled -Fall Asleep- has a unique feature; it opens the door to parallel worlds, where a heart beats in the rhythm of classical music and the inimitable voice of -Leila Milki- make us feel like Alice in Wonderland.”

“Композиция -Fall Asleep- обладает уникальным свойством, - она открывает двери в параллельные миры, где фонтаном в грудь бьёт классическая музыка, а неподражаемый голос -Leila Milki- даёт почувствовать себя Алисой в Стране Чудес.”


This song plays out like an orchestral dreamscape, a hazy lullaby. I created it as an extension of Women's History Month (with a team of women), as a daughter of Lebanese immigrants navigating my independence in a new world. It showcases my vocal + classical-piano performance, along with an unfurling string quartet. It's meditative, romantic, and mysterious, with dark-meets-light + Arab-fusion influences.

"Fall Asleep" explores the vulnerable push-and-pull of asserting our femininity and confronting danger for the first time, when we've been taught to stay silent + keep the peace. Through this cinematic ballad, my hope is to champion visibility for fellow first-generation daughters of immigrants whose dual-identity limbo often intensifies our experience of early adulthood.


Leila Milki is a Lebanese-American singer, songwriter, and classical-pop pianist living in Los Angeles. She strives to translate her dynamic, eclectic, and multilingual artistry into a healing platform for emotional and cultural empowerment. Most recently featured on Disney Junior's Emmy-nominated series "The Rocketeer," her music explores rich dualities in a contemporary pop-alternative setting, and her live performances showcase a diverse, cross-genre repertoire in English, Arabic, French, and Spanish.

Leila's new original single, “Fall Asleep,” is now available worldwide - honoring Women’s History Month, elevating vulnerability as strength, and capturing the hazy push-and-pull of asserting our femininity in a world that teaches us to keep the peace. Through this cinematic, orchestral ballad, she hopes to champion visibility for fellow first-generation daughters of immigrants whose dual-identity limbo often intensifies their experience of early adulthood.

Leila's music has earned her the Lennon Award and Grand Prize in the World Category of The John Lennon Songwriting Contest, the Grand Prize in the Adult Contemporary Category of the West Coast Songwriters International Song Contest, and an Honor Finalist recognition in the Singer-Songwriter category of the Great American Song Contest. She is currently producing her next full-length record, a quest to find beauty in the complex spaces between


Dafné Kritharas, Camille El Bacha, Matthias Courbaud, Paul Barreyre – De Edad de Kinze Anyos (Spotify)

“Are you tired of listening more or less the same? Forget about typical songs and say yes to "De Edad de Kinze Anyos". We loved the characteristic silvery voice of this great singer, along with some perfectly smooth sound transitions.”


A brand new interpretation of a ladino folk song from the Eastern Mediterranean. Perfectly suited for zen & meditative playtime.


Born in 1992 in Paris of a Greek father and French mother, DAFNÉ KRITHARAS’s inspiration lies at the crossroads of the Eastern and Western worlds. She grew up to the sound of Judeo-Spanish songs interpreted by her cousin, the cellist Bahia El Bacha. Very early on, singing as a means to express the intimate realm became obvious to her. She sings in Greek and Judeo-Spanish, as well as in French, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish or Turkish, attune with the discoveries and travels she shares with her partner: guitarist and songwriter PAUL BARREYRE.

The album Djoyas de Mar features twelve tracks, including seven in Greek and five in Judeo-Spanish. With their mixed influence, these songs are linked to the experience of exile and uprooting. Musical arrangements are by pianist, improviser and composer CAMILLE EL BACHA. NAGHIB SHANBEHZADEH, young prodigy of Eastern percussion and founding member, alongside his father, of the Shanbehzadeh ensemble, has added his personal touch to the album.


George Perris x George Dalaras – Kardia Koita (Video)

“In this profoundly impactful song of a mesmerizing deep nostalgia. George Perris as lead voice , where also George Dalaras contributes as back vocals, both with their abundant, exuberant vocal capabilities, through a nimble, infinitely melodic flow of harmonies please us with another contemplative song. Already sounds as classic. ”


Popular song written by 2 legends of Greek music, lyricist Lina Nikolakopoulou and composer Evanthia Reboutsika. Performed by Greece’s leading international artist of his generation, George Perris, this song is a duet with another iconic Greek performer, George Dalaras.

The song is the theme song from the commercially successful tv series “Aggeliki”, airing on Alpha Tv in Greece


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