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Boo Riley – Ghost

“Do not pass by, make a stop, pour a cup of tea or coffee, sit back and feel the taste of an elegant, sophisticated sound of Indie pop. The vocals -bo Riley are so good in places that it practically drives his listeners crazy. Your heart will say thank you for such music.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Не проходите мимо, сделайте остановку, налейте чашечку чая или кофе, присядьте поудобнее и почувствуйте привкус элегантного, утончённого звучания Indie Pop. Вокал -Boo Riley- местами настолько хорош, что практически сводит с ума своих слушателей. Ваше сердце скажет вам спасибо за такую музыку.”

Claire Coupland – Love Song

“When love comes to your heart, you are ready to sing and distribute your emotions with the help of a beautiful, romantic lyrics, which is saturated with music -claire couPland-. A little acoustic background, atmosphere of Folk sound and you are already on the way to the one you love and who loves you.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Когда любовь приходит в ваше сердце вы готовы петь и раздавать свои эмоции с помощью красивой, романтической лирики, которой пропитана музыка -Claire Coupland-. Немного акустического фона, атмосферы Folk звучания и вы уже на пути к тому, кого вы любите и кто любит вас.”

September 9, 2022 - Canada: Today Canadian singer-songwriter, Claire Coupland, has released the first single off her sophomore album New Light, due out in early 2023. Love Song can be heard everywhere you stream music, and was premiered via Canadian Beats.

Love Song is a spritely love letter that sits right in the pocket of California folk and Canadiana, written and performed on a shimmery high strung acoustic guitar. It takes listeners through a lush toe tapping arrangement echoing bluegrass and country styles with dreamy harmonies, watery electric guitar, slick standup bass and playful percussion.

Like many other artists, the stasis of the pandemic left Claire Coupland with a substantial period of reflection. Without live performance and the usual music engagements, her creative focus was turned inward towards a collection of partially written songs that had long been lying dormant in her imagination. Deeper, darker and more vulnerable song writing exploration unearthed stories of fragile family dynamics, the struggle to belong, homesickness, painful goodbyes, and hope for the future.

After half a year of email and phone correspondence, Covid 19 vaccine rollouts and easing of border restrictions, the stars finally aligned and Coupland made a trip to Los Angeles to join creative forces with JUNO award-winning musician and producer Sam Weber (Bahamas, Terra Lightfoot, Madison Cunningham). Together, with a hand picked selection of LA’s finest musicians (including members of Dawes, one of Claire's biggest musical influences), the team laid down a collection of exciting new songs with bluegrass, folk, soft rock and grunge flavours, and thus her brand new album, New Light, is set to release in early 2023.

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Jay Wires – Time and Space

“Romantic music will always be successful in the hearts of everyone who is in love. The author’s attentive attitude to many details; Whether it is a good sound, soft rhythm or charming vocals -jay wires-, able to awaken the most callous and sleeping hearts. Music, which is able to cause the most sincere emotions within you.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Романтическая музыка всегда будет иметь успех в сердцах всех, кто влюблён. Внимательное отношение автора к множеству деталей; будь то хороший звук, мягкий ритм или очаровательный вокал -Jay Wires-, способный пробудить самые чёрствые и спящие сердца. Музыка, которая способна вызвать внутри вас самые искренние эмоции.”

‘Time And Space’ follows the debut Jay Wires single, ‘Candle In The Night’, and continues a story that began there. Filled with frank honesty, longing and unrequited caring, ‘Time And Space’ was written after an argument between Jay Wires and his ex-girlfriend. “We approached arguments differently,” he reflects. “My solution to arguments was always to talk things out as soon as possible in order to move past them, whereas hers was needing to be alone, taking time and space before coming back.” The song was written during one of those periods of post-argument separation.

In spite of its lyrical themes, ‘Time And Space’ highlights Jay Wires’ knack for creating towering, ascendant intricately-detailed electronic pop tracks, full of personal emotion and reference points. “The argument happened in December 2019,” remembers Jay Wires. “That month, we saw a live jazz band perform songs from the ‘Charlie Brown Christmas Special’ soundtrack in a hotel lounge in Williamsburg. For the instrumental break, I created the sound of brushed cymbals to capture the atmosphere of that performance.” ‘Time And Space’ concludes with a powerful, stirring, uplifting synth-orchestral segment, offering a fragile sense of optimism that this was just a temporary parting, not something more permanent.

‘Time And Space’ is the second song to be taken from the debut Jay Wires EP, ‘Kaboom!’.

dogbeach – memories

“How often does high -quality SKA and Indie Rock appear in your discography? The new track from -dogbeach is ideal for immersing in this wonderful, positive and good atmosphere. Strong work in which there is a very light and delicate arrangement.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Как часто в вашей дискографии появляется качественный Ska и Indie Rock? Новый трек от -dogbeach- идеальный вариант для погружения в эту чудную, позитивную и добрую атмосферу. Сильная работа, в которой присутствует очень лёгкая и нежная аранжировка.”

It’s kind of happy ska mixed with some other kind of rock and not so happy words.

Ollee Owens – Through the Darkest Night

“Awesome ownership of your voice, so bright, sonorous and rich! The melody and atmosphere americana completely captures all your attention and attracts to itself as if a powerful magnet! No magic and magic, before you is pure, real, lively music!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Потрясающее владение своим голосом, такой яркий, звонкий и насыщенный! Мелодия и атмосфера Americana полностью захватывает всё ваше внимание и приковывает к себе словно мощным магнитом! Никакой магии и волшебства, перед вами чистая, настоящая, живая музыка!”

Ollee Owens is a musical force of nature who combines burning intensity with elegant grace and skilled composure wrapped in an electrifying blues rock veneer. The result is an unforgettable, emotionally charged musical experience that moves both body and soul. Having released “Edge of Goodbye” and “Raging Fire” earlier this year, Owens has set her intentions as a talented artist who deals in authenticity.

Latest single, “Through the Darkest Night,” is an evocative track that touches on the endurance of a powerful connection – an intense love that builds throughout intense musical moments and smooth, soulful vocals. For the accompanying music video, Owens and her team went to Vegas, shooting the desert and cityscapes in contrast with each other to capture the sonic dynamics visually.

Owens’ new album, Cannot Be Unheard, explores the many facets of how our perceived “truths” can deceive us and hold us back and how important it is to grow towards becoming the greatest version of ourselves, always staying connected to the people who bring out the best in us. To Owens, this collection of songs are a declaration of sorts that Cannot Be Unheard. Her desire is that listeners come away from these songs feeling free to be themselves in a fresh new way, shining their light a little more brightly for their world to see – and so the ripple effect continues on towards a better tomorrow for all.

dennis farnon x Sound Studio Orchestra – Tournament

“Blues from -dennis farnon and Sound Studio Orchestra-, which leisurely pours into your consciousness, hugs and presses to itself. The arrangement contains unique melodic moves that sound beautifully and professionally against the general background, slowly dissolving in the rustle of percussion.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Blues от -Dennis Farnon и Sound Studio Orchestra-, который неторопливо вливается в ваше сознание, обнимает и прижимает к себе. В аранжировке присутствуют уникальные мелодические ходы, которые красиво и профессионально звучат на общем фоне, медленно растворяясь в шелесте перкуссий.”

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Blind Lake – In Control

“Clockwork, energetic POP song with an acoustic accompaniment and fresh as mountain air with vocals. Both performers are perfectly combined with each other and act as a single organism. The charge of a positive mood is definitely provided to you!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Заводная, энергичная Pop песня с акустическим аккомпанементом и свежим, как горный воздух вокалом. Оба исполнителя отлично сочетаются между собой и действуют как единый организм. Заряд позитивного настроения вам точно обеспечен!”

The new Blind Lake single ”In Control” is a head-on pop song with an acoustic drive.

There are echoes of early Jayhawks & Wilco through a Blind Lake filter; rhythmic, melodic and with great harmonies.

The lyrics are about our attempts to seek control in our lives in order to avoid tipping over the edge to meaninglessness.

However, some people interpret that with taking control of others or fool themselves by holding on to the wrong things to control.

"Notes you take notes set up dates and take notes

You´re in control, in control when taking notes"

Rahael – How Do You Love

“-Rahael- invites you to feel freedom of flight, because it is precisely such impressions that her new job leaves behind. Delicate vocals, like sweet syrup, pouring through your veins, and the melody of acoustic folk music takes you together with the fair wind, under the clouds!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“-Rahael- предлагает вам почувствовать свободу полёта, ведь именно такие впечатления оставляет после себя её новая работа. Нежный вокал словно сладкий сироп льётся по вашим венам, а мелодия акустической Folk музыки уносит вас вместе с попутным ветром ввысь, под облака!”

Back to Yours – How Can I Change

“The time has come and there is no better way to go this difficult path along with the new track from -Back to youurs-. The classic atmosphere of Pop Rock and Indie Pop genres very competently convey the entire depth and essence of the narrative. The track has a thoughtful lyrics, which you need to listen to with special attention. In every word, a golden key is hidden, which will help you achieve your goal!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Пришло время перемен и нет лучшего способа пройти этот непростой путь вместе с новым треком от -Back to Yours-. Классическая атмосфера жанров Pop Rock и Indie Pop очень грамотно передают всю глубину и суть повествования. В треке глубокомысленная лирика, слушать которую нужно с особым вниманием. В каждом слове скрыт золотой ключик, который поможет вам достичь вашей цели!”

"How Can I Change" is a bittersweet ballad about the difficulty of becoming your own person. The crunchy, alt-pop track blend classic rocks with indie-pop, reminiscent of 2000s pop-punk with an uplifting twist.

Brooks Dixon – After All

“This genre track, which is recorded -brooks dixon- with great love for all people, reflecting all feelings in their texts and melodies. Here you can clearly hear how two vocals echo, which complement each other very well. Voice -Libby Rodenbouch- is so gentle, almost angelic, we can say that it was created for this duet!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Этот жанровый трек, который записан -Brooks Dixon- с огромной любовью ко всем людям, отражая все чувства в своих текстах и мелодии. Здесь отчётливо слышно, как перекликаются два вокала, которые очень хорошо дополняют друг друга. Голос -Libby Rodenbough- такой нежный, почти ангельский, можно сказать, что он был создан для этого дуэта!”

This song is about wrestling with the idea that equity in this world is increasingly harder to come by, and yet acknowledging that each generation of humanity has faced it's own sets of challenges. Though they may manifest themselves differently, our lives are telling a similar story of humanity after all, and I choose to find comfort in knowing humanity is destined to repeat itself as long as we are willing to come face to face with our previous mistakes.

This song features guest vocalist Libby Rodenbough (Mipso), guitar and piano performances by Taylor McCleskey (Beach Tiger, The Tarlatans) and is mixed by Ryan Youmans (The Amber Sound), and Mastered by Sam Moses (Moses Mastering)

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