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Blacksmith x Skinnyman – Price Of Love

“So old school elements in this one, just love when I hear that sound with a modern production. Mcs are just great, reminded me at moments to a House of Pain, piano sequence is a hook you need, just a perfect fit with bass line, rhythm and vocals on top of everything. ”

alex kate – Lost In You

“Emotional, deep, well written and with a beautiful voice. Although it does start with a retro feel to it, songs shapes out to be quite modern with great production. Love that the rhythm parts feel like another instrument and the pizzicato strings at the end is a really nice touch. ”

Lost in You was written from start to finish after watching a murder mystery programme which for some unknown reason hit Alex with inspiration. Running upstairs to her bedroom to quickly record the song, Alex says: “You wouldn’t think that a programme about murders would inspire such a love song.. You never know when creative moments are going to hit I guess.”

Even though the foundation of the song was established rather quickly, Alex sat on it for quite a while, trying to figure out what it needed to sound like. She has: “the same feeling about songs as Michael Angelo had about sculptures. Songs are like angels caught in marble and you have to just chip away to release them and some can take more time than others.”

In order to unlock the full potential of the song, she brought Daniel Newcombe (MD for BEKA) into the project this August and when he sent the first demo, she knew that she had finally found the angel: “He created the ethereal dreamscape that I knew I was looking for that reflected the utter abandonment to love.”

The video to Lost in You was shot in Capetown as most of her visuals for the Rebel for Love EP. While working with just a demo at the time, she got a friend, Freddie Reed who usually works for National Geographic, involved and had the wild idea to go and shoot the video in two days in the desert and finish at a farm up on a cliff 500km from Capetown. “‘Sounds great,’ I said to Freddie. I didn’t know that we would be driving through some of the heaviest rain that the Karoo desert has seen in 10 years and get to our final destination and there to be no sunset or stars and a complete white out. However, it was actually the most amazing experience shooting in the desert where Afrikaburn happens. Freddie Reed, the director wanted to encapsulate the feeling of being lost and lonely in the city and at peace and alive in the desert. I think he has done a magical job.”

Sweet Tempest – Giving It Up

“Can’t get enough of this modern return to synth wave, sound of the 80’s that brought electronic music to mainstream world. Love the melodies here, so old school, so well produced. Same goes with all the vocals, that are filled with beautiful arp sounds, amazing song. ”

“Giving It Up” is the disco anthem of the early autumn that will bring all the cool kids to the big cities on the dance floors together. Drenched in 80s synths rewired for the 2020s SWEET TEMPEST created a giddy yet romantic track.

Stephanie Schneiderman – Daughters

“Love the change of pace this song have, with an amazing vocals, to melodic structures it brings, from one mood to another, just great writing and arrangement. Back vocal edits are perfectly placed and the detail I like the most is that reversed piano keys in transitions. ”

Junglehammer – Boots

“This one makes you move your whole body, with vocals that can stand on their own, music is just as beautiful. Like an all time jazz classic, from funky bass line, guitar riffs that stays in your head instantly to saxophone solo that is just as magnificent as everything else. ”

Boots' features the extraordinary vocals of Junglehammer collaborator, and soul/jazz singer Lily Dior. The cut showcases some delicious interplay between the sax of Morphett, and guitarist Serg Demetrijevic, (who is originally from Sydney and a touring member of Earth, Wind & Fire), and is the perfect introduction to the unique musicianship of Junglehammer. Reminiscent of jazz/pop collectives and studio project creators of the past, Junglehammer sets the mood for an exciting introduction to the genre for newer and uninitiated fans.

The 'Boots' music video is created by director Bernie Zelvis, who painstakingly and ingeniously matched the lyrics and music to footage from the 1934 Betty Boop classic cartoon "Poor Cinderella"; melding an amazing visual and audio synchronicity that will surely feature on video screens in lounge and cocktail bars in cities from Sydney to New York, London and Paris

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Jakob Lindhagen – Here, Before

“Just love the production on this piece, all the details it have, noises, fx, but the heart, the heart is that lush piano with an amazing cello, that is so moving, sad and at the same time full of hope. Amazing how it captures all emotions you can feel at the same time, like a remembrance, images of the past you will have forever.”

Lyrah – In the Leaves

“Very moving voice, verses, with perfect production. Everything fits together just as it should be. Love the stutter edited vocals, adds the different flavor to already very balanced arrangement. Piano themes keeps the mood together with, again, very beautiful vocals. ”

Quote about the track:

"I wrote this song about a dream I had before I decided to quit my stable, full-time job.

In the dream I kept waking up outside, like on the sidewalk in San Francisco and in the leaves by a road. I kept choosing that over my bed or car, and it felt surprisingly calm when I’d wake up outside of my home.

I had a session with Benji of Slenderbodies and we talked about this dream and how it seemed to mirror my life choice of staying in the comfort of a full time job or leaving and being satisfied with less.

I quit the job and I kept the song."

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