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Solon – Inside Out (official music video) (Video)

“Meet “Solon” via his fascinating creation “Inside Out”. A unique mix of Trance melodies from another dimension is waiting you to press the play button and start a trip to the stars. Emotional singing and crystal sound patterns from a realy talented artist.”

SOLON is the new kid in town. He just started producing a couple of months ago and within a short time he has releases confirmed under different aliases on several a-list labels.

He chooses to hide behind his modest hoody in order to direct all the attention to his music, where he expresses emotions and feelings that enable enjoying the present moment.

He started taking classical piano lessons as a young child and developed his love for music while listening to radio programs every night before bed.

Being influenced by techno and house pioneers, he decided to add a melodic touch to strong bass lines.

His tracks are powerful and inventive and have a unique capacity to fuel both intimate dance floors and big clubs with energy and drive.

Fable – Womb (Spotify)

“Thoroughly absorbing from the beginning to the end, Fable entrances the listener with her bewitching vocals & spellbinding melodies in her new minimal dub-wise single. Womb examines the ebb & flow of the cycles of life with a pulsating beat, epic chorus & poignant lyrics. ”

Brighton singer-songwriter Fable today unveils her brand new single ‘Womb’, out now via Naim Records. The track is the latest offering from her forthcoming debut album and follows in the wake of the trip hop and neo soul blending ‘Orbiting’, which drew praise from the likes of NME, 6Music, CLASH and more.

With its stripped-back dubwise beat and spectral sonics, ‘Womb’ ebbs and flows like the cycles of life it discusses, building from a beguiling verse into a throbbing chorus and a bridge that swarms with headbanging dread. “'Womb' talks about cycles of emotional states, the repetitive highs and lows that I experience throughout the month, and in the end finding the strength to just push forwards with things. The seasons of the female body are often not acknowledged in the structure of our lives and society lacks respect for the trials and tribulations of womanhood,” Fable explains.

“Its meaning is not limited to the Lunar cycles of the female body - we all experience flux - we're not the same molecules we were 7 years ago, and it's about finding a way to ride the waves of constant change. The track was influenced by my love of Dub and sound system culture; my Mum would play Linton Kwesi Johnson through her bump when she was pregnant with me and it's been a comfort ever since,” she adds.

Having built up a reputation as one of the UK's most promising new artists, being lauded by the likes of The Guardian, Mixmag, Q and Rolling Stone, collaborating with Orbital and playing at Glastonbury, the tragic loss of a close friend and resultant burnout and depression led to Fable taking time out from her music career in 2016 to protect her mental health. Four years later, and now an ambassador for mental health charity My Black Dog, Fable is relaunching her sound to the world, with previous single ‘Orbiting’ unveiled in February. Newly-signed to Naim Records, the label wing of the award-winning premium audio brand, she has recorded a debut album of genre-fluid, searingly honest and darkly beautiful music that spans from urgent post punk to introspective electronica, whilst posing questions that are both timely and personal, yet timeless.

Alastair Lane, Adam Berry – Princesse (Spotify)

“A recent work from "Alastair Lane" is here to entertain many listeners. The French artist joins with "Adam Berry" and uses various sound elements from old favourite Disco to modern Soul and Electro Pop. Enjoy the pure magic of "Princesse"!”

« Princesse » is a Disco Infused Pop song written and produced by Alastair Lane & Adam Berry.

You can clearly hear the Jazz, Funk & Soul influences throughout the song, with it’s groovy bassline and dreamy Synths.

The sexy French vocals by Adam Berry add another dimension to the track while the Synth solo by Alastair Lane takes you away on a Cosmic Voyage.

As a whole, « Princesse » has a unique feel good vibe and is perfect for hot summer nights.

VAVO – Pieces (feat. Tyler Mann) [Official Lyric Video] (Video)

“This release from “VAVO” carries all the Spring happiness in just three minutes’ time. Bring some fresh air in your place, with the energy of House flowing around your body. Listen on repeat and recharge your batteries.”

Pieces is VAVO’s follow up to their global smash Day N’ Night. It combines an upbeat and happy production with the amazing vocals from singer/songwriter Tyler Mann. Within the first week of release, it immediately became a fan favorite; has been heard on BBC Radio 1 Party Anthems, Capital FM UK, KISS FM UK, Sirius XM, and iHeart Radio; and is seeing great support from Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and Audiomack curators. It’s quickly rising in popularity around the world and is such a catchy record that you’ll surely be singing the melody all day long!

Billboard charting Dance/Pop duo VAVO seamlessly blends the talents of Vancouver native Jesse Fischer and London born Alden Martin. Despite once being separated by over 3000 miles, the duo found a way to work on music remotely and ultimately landed releases on major labels such as Sony Music Entertainment and Republic Records.

Their rise began in May 2017 when the duo released their reboot of “Astronomia” by Tony Igy. It quickly amassed millions of streams worldwide, charted on Spotify’s Top Viral 50 in multiple different countries, and charted on multiple other platforms as well. After being heavily supported by Tiesto, the duo was then invited to collaborate with producer John Christian to have a song featured on his CLUBLIFE Vol 5 Special Japan Edition album. Meanwhile, the duo was also invited to work on multiple remixes for Republic Records.

VAVO was then regarded as an “artist to watch in 2017” by sources like EDM Sauce.

Fast forward to today and VAVO has taken the music scene by storm. Now releasing under their management’s label imprint KESS Records, they’ve earned over 100 charting positions on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify; scored the #1 single on the USA Dance Radio Charts with their single “Like Nobody;” frequent on the Billboard Dance Charts, climbing all the way up into the top 20; been seen on Spotify’s biggest dance playlist, mint, cover multiple times; and receive musical support from heavy-hitting artist like The Chainsmokers, David Guetta, and Tiesto. They also completed their first ever USA headline tour, hosted by all A-List venues and landed residency deals at premier venues like HQ2 Atlantic City!

Now, as they follow up “Day N’ Night,” their sought-after single that generated massive buzz across the globe from fans and major record labels alike, VAVO is determined to continue proving why they deserve their place among the greats. Stay tuned because it’s sure to epic!

Christopher Paul Stelling – Die to Know (Spotify)

“The singing tones of an intricately picked & gorgeous sounding acoustic guitar takes one back to the days when it was such a prominent instrument in folk & country music. A perfect accompaniment to the dulcet, slightly weathered, yet exceptionally mellow tones of Christopher’s vocal,. Die To Know is in a word compelling.”

Christopher Paul Stelling new (sixth!) album - Forgiving It All- is out now, along with the release of its gorgeous lead single, "Die To Know we blog here on Nagamag.

Even before 2020 slid historically off the rails, Christopher Paul Stelling confronted an essential exercise in acceptance and gratitude. In December 2019, Stelling started another cross-country sprint from California to Florida, where the songwriter who has long called western North Carolina home was raised. Aside from recording his fifth album, Best of Luck, he had toured much of that year, making relentless laps around North America. He wanted to make it home not only for Christmas but also to see Emma, his 92-year-old grandmother. He didn’t; she passed just days before he arrived. Recorded alone in her modest white ranch house in Daytona Beach, Forgiving It All — Stelling’s wisest, most intimate, and most settled record yet, and his first self-released LP in eight years — feels like a final tribute to her and to everything he and we have lost or gained.

Last year seemed to brim with transformational potential for Stelling. For the better part of a decade, he had been a feverish and itinerant troubadour, spilling guts and blood and sweat in soul-scraping solo sets. He’d lived up the lifestyle, too, hydrating for the stage with booze. But at the end of 2017, he’d gone sober after recognizing that chunks of his life had disappeared. Recorded a year later, Best of Luck — his third album for Anti- and the first he’d cut with a producer, Ben Harper — seemed poised to push him to new audiences, its mix of wistful acoustic ballads and stomp-around-the-room rock somehow both polished and primal. The shows were piling up, so much so that Stelling planned to have barely one day off in all of 2020.

And then, of course, all that was scrapped. The news closed in around him as he toured north along the West Coast. He turned east and got as far as Colorado, then had a panic attack in a Kansas truck stop, wrestling with existential and professional despair as the world wobbled on its axis. Stelling came home and, like many of us, worked to shape a new routine in a world that was instantly alien. So for the first time in years, he spent days on end with his partner, Julia, and their bounding young dog, Ida. He hiked, read, and watched endless television to placate overwhelming anxiety as best he could. Having fulfilled his label contract (and convinced he didn’t want a new one, anyway), Stelling launched a crowdfunding campaign, asking if fans felt compelled to invest in his songs. They said yes — he sold more records in those first 48 hours than he’d ever sold in advance before.

Stelling began at last to unpack a decade into which he had packed so much. What had music taught him that life had not, and vice versa? What did he have to sing about all that he had seen? The spellbinding 10 tracks of Forgiving It All represent the profound distillates of that reflection. Committed to tape in Emma’s home a year after Stelling cut his intended never-ending tour short, these songs are the lessons of a once-wild kid looking at (not quite) 40, expressing acceptance for the struggles and joys of life and singing out his gratitude for still being here. Opener “Die To Know” is a tender ode to innocence, a remembrance of simple joy and sincerity before experience and age dulled our enthusiasms. “Wildfire,” which moves with the ineffable grace of ripples on some idyllic pond, stares down accreted adult fears and begs for the mercy of rebirth.

“WWYLLYD” presents an exercise in radical empathy, apt for our universally troubled times. “Remember, everyone is suffering/not just you,” Stelling pleas over strummed chords that rush like blood. The title is an acronym for “When What You Love Lets You Down.” We’re all starving artists, it suggests, but that’s what keeps us going, interested, and, if we’re lucky, alive.

To some extent, these songs are about letting yourself off the hook, about accepting your imperfections even as you deal with them. But title track “Forgiving It All,” as mesmerizing and motivational as a religious mantra, admits that we don’t bear responsibility for all of our baggage, that others have played a part. If we’re going to reckon with ourselves, Stelling says, we have to encourage others to do the same, to share in this catharsis. “Let the doubtful confide in you,” he sings near the start, opening what may feel like the most candid therapy session you’ve ever encountered. Stelling — truth be told, a marquee fingerpicker who’s never been content to make purely wordless music — pauses for the gorgeous instrumental “For Your Drive,” then ends with a hymn of his own, “They’ll All Proclaim.” It is a gracious, gorgeous aubade for what comes after — tomorrow, post-pandemic, whenever.

We will wrestle for our lifetimes with what happened in 2020 and what may follow. Forgiving It All is an instinctual and honest response to trying to make the best of it: sorting through the past and using the present to prepare for an unwritten future. These songs remind us we’re lucky to be here, no matter what or who it is we have to forgive.

- Grayson Currin

Solo – Cristina Alcívar (Video Oficial) (Video)

“Listen to Cristina Alcívar in this interesting Neo-Soul production. The artist has given great emphasis in singing and clearly aims to an emotional approach. Sensitive voice, melancholic touch and some taste of fast outbrakes.”

Solo is a single that denotes a melancholic and deep atmosphere. They highlight soulful vocal riffs, the natural crunch sound of the guitar and an evident instrumental and vocal growth. The theme immerses us in an environment of vulnerability that starts from innocence and fragility until it leads us to a more mature and strong reality.

Solo es un single que denota una atmósfera melancólica y profunda. Resaltan soul riffs vocales, el sonido natural crunch de la guitarra y un evidente crecimiento instrumental y vocal. El tema nos sumerge en un ambiente de vulnerabilidad que parte de la inocencia y fragilidad hasta llevarnos a una realidad mas madura y fuerte.

Maryen Cairns – Spirit – Alt Mix (Video)

“Very balanced and harmonic classical piece, with positive mood. Charming singing that guides you through a soothing experience. Your soul elixir has a name and it’s called; “Spirit”. “Maryen Cairns” unfolds her talent in this mix and the video looks really fantastic too.”

One of the consequences of relocation from the Southern to the Northern hemisphere, followed by the onset of widespread lockdown and restriction of travel, has been ongoing deep solitary introspection and self reflection, and an in-depth communion with God & nature and the search for Spiritual comfort.

This journey has resulted, for singer songwriter Maryen Cairns, in the creation of this downtempo stirring ballad that is “Spirit”, especially in this stripped back piano based “Alt-Mix” version, which is being released first as a single.

Recorded entirely by herself with piano, acoustic guitar & strings, Maryen then sent Spirit to her producer and mentor Chris Kimsey across the channel in London, where he added his magic touches and co-mixed.

Barstool Astronaut – Phenomena (Video)

“Intricately interwoven sequences develop into a lush, full sound that in turn morphs into simpler themes, & then back again to an even bigger sound as instruments are added. A progressive ever changing composition full of creativity & experimentation. Ambient, melodic, percussive & at times cinematic. This track is packed with everything that makes Mike’s music so good to listen to.”

Barstool Astronaut is instrumental music fueled with experimentation and built for space travel drawing from influences such as Four Tet, Little People, Bonobo, The Flashbulb, and many more.

Denver, Coloardo based producer Mike Larson Schneider started Barstool Astronaut after years of touring and session work as a drummer. Feeling a creative limitation behind the kit in bands (and with the schematics of the music industry in general), he picked back up his first instrument – piano – and started making instrumental electronic music with borrowed software and semi-blind ambition. After a few years creating music with no artistic limitations in mind, Schneider has carved out his own sound from the electronic-leaning genres of IDM, ambient, and instrumental hip-hop, often blending them with a layer of acoustic instruments, inspired by post-rock dynamics and composition.

Anton Kling – Yearn (Spotify)

“The constantly changing percussive elements of this track add interest & movement to the laid back hypnotic vibe provided by the soft vocal ambience. The multi layered, almost euphoric synths add to the rhythmic, velvety atmospheric palette of sound. A crystal clear, very well produced track. A lot of time & effort went into this track & it shows.. ”

It's an organic house track with soft ambient vocals, lush piano and big synths coming in at the end.

Born in 1992 from Sweden. Electronic music and music production has always been a big part of my life. I make house music that tends to be melodic, progressive and organic with a lo-fi touch. My sound is spacey, atmospheric and some times a bit psychedelic with a lot of different types of percussions. I never think about what kind of music I want to create, I just do and it'll become whatever I was feeling at that time. I enjoy listening to music from pretty much every music genre so I'm influenced by it all.

M3L, Lace Cadence – Million (Spotify)

“"M3L" joins forces with "Lace Cadence" in this super light Afro-pop song. Lyrics which try to describe love and make a picture of all those feelings. Choose "Million" and enjoy one of your most relaxing, three-minute break.”

“Million” serves as the first of many collaborations between the Toronto based M3L and Seattle based Producer and host of 90.3 KEXP’s “Overnight Afrobeats”, Lace Cadence. A more traditional Afrobeats song, “Million” will definitely make you want to call that special someone.

M3L (Pronounced Mel) is a bilingual Afro-Reggaetton & R&B Artist based in Toronto. Born in Cameroon yet raised in six countries, his music embodies the lived experiences of a “Third Culture” kid, with roots in Anglophone Afrobeats and Hiphop/R&B, as well as Francophone Zouk and Coupé-Décalé music. His ability to flow seamlessly between English and French makes for a unique listening experience and showcases elite versatility. His single “No Problems” featured on Toronto’s main hiphop station FLOW 93.5’s Made in Toronto Takeover, highlighting the hottest rising acts in the city. Over the past year M3L has made a name for himself as a performer headlining two shows for the globally renowned Sofar Sounds. His music has featured on Joe Kay’s Soulection Radio on Apple Music Beats 1, As well as Seattle based Radio KEXP’s “Overnight Afrobeats” with Lace Cadence.

The Toronto upstart is currently working alongside locally based Engineer/Producer PANDELI, Muaz Production (88 Glam, Saint Jhn, Smino etc), and Goodwrkwill. Frequent collaborators include R&B songstress Kenya Jade, urban-pop boyband 3409, Singer/Songwriter/Producer Caj Flow punk dynamo AD1B and emerging pop act Sheperd.

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