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Calm Before The Storm – COMO feat. verNation (Video)

“We don’t know the background stories of jamming and performing of this team up song between Como and verNation but this final result is a wonderful bond of styles, filling harmonically each other, making this seems easy and like did it in one go. The mix, production and recordings here managed with full care, offering a beautiful soft listening experience delivering through a right sound package their heartwarming message. Beautiful song! ”

Calm Before The Storm: “2 voices and a grand piano telling an emotional story about love and loss”… This is the first duet written and performed by Como and Vern, two artists with careers in completely different genres, – one acoustic, the other electronic. For her debut single Suitcase (Sony Music) Como received 3 nominations for the Austrian Music Award. Vern and his band “The Uptown Monotones” have been successfully touring the UK for three years in a row.

The Song is a beautiful and melancholic duet in the tradition of subtile ballads like Skinny Love, Falling Slowly, Say Something, Mad World, Hello, …

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Mandoki Soulmates – The Torch (Christmas Single) (Video)

“Profoundly impactful and endlessly fascinating, Mandoki Soulmates lights the torch, and revolution goes on. ”

“Living in the Gap” is about using unity to change the world. All the people, that don’t want the world to go to hell, are finding their powers to fight again.

I Bleed Human (Video)

“Josie Bello with her hookiest qualities and her elegant characteristic vocal style, through guitar riffs of jazzy funkiness flirting and recordings mixed with sound clarity shares her message through on point lyrics in a soulful way. ”

Josie Bello is an Americana Artist from NY. Her original songs tell stories that are relatable, and explore issues that are both timely and timeless. Her newest release “Have Purpose Live Long” (2020) and her debut album “Can’t Go Home” (2018) have had extensive U.S. & International radio play with the albums and individual tracks appearing on an impressive number of radio charts including the Roots Music Report (RMR) charts, the Folk Alliance International Charts, the EuroAmericana Chart and the Americana Albums Chart. Here is a sample of album reviews for Have Purpose Live Long –“No one would be disappointed with this album… particularly thoughtful song-writing” Gordon Sharpe, Americana UK (10/20/20); “Atmospheric Lo-Fi Americana Worthy of a David Lynch Country Movie…Josie Bello’s music takes a little from a lot of genres to combine to become something quite unlike anyone else I can actually think of; which is a rarity around this office” The Rocking Magpie (10/19/20) “Have Purpose Live Long is an album that’s grounded in truth and speaking from the heart…an unusual signature sound, setting Bello apart from the pack. A folk album at heart, this is a mix of Americana genres.” Melissa Clarke, Americana Highways (9/11/20)

Tristan Welch – Family Stress (Spotify)

“-Family Stress- is our pick and the #2 track from the new album of Tristan Welch -Ambient Distress-, those that are parenthood may connected here faster, but not worry, it has the opposite effect. Rich pad atmospheres, into a nostalgic emotional stage and gently harmonic layers which progressing slowly, it comes to rest the speed you live in your daily routine and stay to the beautiful moments between. Beautiful ambient! ”

"The songs on Tristan Welch’s new album, Ambient Distress, are texture rich songs that act as both a diagnosis and a cure to the problems labeled in the titles of the tunes. With tracks like “Economic Fear,” “Social Hopelessness,” and “Family Stress,” you’d imagine tracks that are dark and unsettling, especially with Welch’s mastery at eliciting emotions with electronic sound. But this album is mostly beautiful and could be used as a meditation tool to help you process and find relief from these very real world woes."

The Freedom Warriors – Dance Away (Video)

“The groove and harmonic chemistry between THE FREEDOM WARRIORS and Kim Cooper is amazing, through a quality performance and a brilliant mix, top notch sound production deliver us their full funkiest magic which tickles our listening radars. Pushing out any black thoughts like wind the clouds from the atmosphere. Total good mood here!”

Total exploitation & destruction of our only planet and idiots in power everywhere free of empathy where it would really need wise people to steer in the right direction: climate change, racism, refugee misery, corona fear … In order not to despair it is a positive force – dancing to ecstasy can be such a force – “Dance Away”

Totale Ausbeutung & Zerstörung unseres einzigen Planeten und dabei überall empathiebefreite Idioten an der Macht wo es doch nun wirklich weise Menschen brauchen würde um in die richtige Richtung zu steuern.Klimawandel,Rassismus,Flüchtlingselend,Corona Angst,…Um daran nicht zu verzweifeln braucht es eine positive Kraft – tanzen bis zur Ekstase kann so eine Kraft sein – “Dance Away”

Armaan Malik – How Many (Video)

“With a fathomless production, Armaan Malik with his characteristic heartwarming signature vocal style sing to us – How Many- a profoundly impactful song. Through a top notch melodic lines and beats arrangement creates a magic atmosphere which mesmerize the listener.”

Today, multi-faceted singer-songwriter and musician, Armaan Malik, releases a spellbinding new track titled “How Many” via Arista Records. Watch the electric music video HERE. This latest earworm arrives on the heels of the 25-year-old’s major MTV EMA win as ‘Best India Act’!

Talking about the emotion behind his new single, Armaan says, “‘How Many’ is about complex relationships where you’re constantly fighting making up, taking the hits but yet carrying on. It describes the cycle of events that take place during the course of a relationship. One of the hardest decisions is when to call it quits and close a chapter for good. It’s really tough when you love somebody to just give up… even after the 100th time, the truth is, as long we love them, we try one more time. The question is how many times are you willing to try?”

“How Many” marks Armaan’s third English single preceded by the MTV EMA winning, “Control” which Clash deemed a, “brilliantly effective pop song”, and “next 2 me” that helped him lead the top spot on Billboard’s inaugural Top Triller U.S. and Global charts for three consecutive weeks.

With over two billion global streams, 17 million followers across social media platforms, and a mile-long musical resume, he has cemented his position in the South Asian music industry, and now, Armaan sets out to be the first Indian artist to break into the global pop market. It has been a lifelong dream for Armaan to sing and write English music as well as be the first musical artist to truly represent India on a global stage. “This music is inside of me, it’s my DNA,” says Armaan. “This has always been my trajectory.”


Armaan Malik is one of the youngest and most successful artists in the Indian music industry. He has garnered north of two billion streams, performed 200 + shows around the world, and sung more than 150 songs in almost a dozen different languages, all by the age of 25! With over 17 million followers across all social media platforms, he has second-to-none fans called Armaanians.

Fondly referred to as the ‘Prince of Romance,’ his YouTube has 2 million subscribers and over 25 million monthly listeners across all music streaming platforms. At the age of 23 years, he became the youngest Indian singer to ever be a coach on the Indian version of the internationally renowned reality show, ‘The Voice.’

Armaan is the youngest singer of Indian origin to have performed at The SSE Arena, Wembley, London, and win the SSE Awards Live Act (4th in the world and best from India) that year. He was the voice of Aladdin in the Hindi dubbed version of the live-action remake of the Disney classic, ‘Aladdin,’ and the singing voice of Simba in ‘The Lion King.’

Hailing from a renowned musical family, spanning three generations of Bollywood music, Armaan Malik continues his family’s musical legacy to emerge as one of the brightest talents in India. His versatility as a singer is exemplified not just in his multi-lingual lyrics, but also in his exploration of diverse styles and approaches to creating music. Though entrenched in Bollywood culture, Armaan always knew English music was his true passion. In 2011, he received a full-tuition scholarship to attend the Summer Programme at Berklee College of Music (Boston, Massachusetts) which he completed with honors. Soon after the program, he realized that this is his calling, to write and sing his own songs in English.

After cementing his position in the Indian music industry, Malik has now forayed into the global music circuit with Arista Records (Sony Music Global). Armaan’s first international single, titled ‘Control’, has been streamed more than 35 Million streams across platforms to date and was declared Platinum in India. He also became the first Indian singer-songwriter to be featured on the coveted Spotify’s Time Square billboard in New York. Malik’s second English song, ‘next 2 me’ led Billboard’s inaugural Top Triller U.S. and Global charts for three weeks. The song was completely conceptualized, written, and released during the global lockdown.

While Armaan has written close to 50 English songs to date and eagerly waiting for the right opportunity to showcase them, he has been consistently putting out chartbuster music in multiple languages. His song ‘Butta Bomma’ has become the most viewed Telugu song ever on Youtube. With Hindi songs like ‘Zara Thehro’, ‘Beech Raaste’, and ‘Mera Intezaar Karna’, he has consistently trended on streaming platforms and established himself as one of the most popular multilingual singers in the world.

“I’ve always wanted to take India to the world and this has been my lifelong dream. I wanna be a global musician in the truest sense.” – Armaan Malik

Yero Richard – Our Ship (Spotify)

“-Our Ship- is the new single of -Yero Richard- under Sophie Records imprint. A song which sounds as a lullaby from heaven, with the soft like feather voice color, with a memorable daydreaming chorus which invites you to listen again and again, and a gently lush guitar melodic line. Music which keeps warm your heart. ”

Our Ship is a serene and sober song about the torments of confusion in love, influenced by the music of RY X, inspired by real life experiences. It’s written, produced, mixed and mastered by Yero. It features Yero on all of the instrumets and his band The Plus in the second half. In the backing vocals Yero is joined by Céline Huber

Onk Lou – Cranes (official video) (Video)

“Cranes, a track from the one which put you in the mood quickly with its quality, the one that attract the radars of advertising companies for commercial ad sync and Onk Lou here rumbles with a thunderous boom, palpably reveling and sing with a raucous, exuberant vocal style! ”

Onk Lou shared with us few words about this song:

My city is beautiful, crazy and colourful. In my city everybody is welcome, no matter if you’re a top manager, working on a shift or if you’re not working at all. But if apartments and houses are only built for vacancy to make the rich even richer and the only affordable options are either to leave or to take the 71 down to the central graveyard, it seems to me as if the cranes that are hanging over my city are becoming vultures lurking and waiting for you to fail.

Becoming Young – For My Father (Video)

“Becoming Young in an ode for father, through his soulful heartwarming vocals sings reflective in a way which hits you right deep inside. A beautiful song rich in emotional moments and a sound quality which feels like a feather in your skin.

Boulder/Nashville-based pop artist Becoming Young, aka Brandon Calano, has just released the folk/pop ballad, “For My Father.” Stream it HERE.

Lyrically, this song is an honest assessment of a father’s trapped circumstance from a son’s perspective. Musically, it’s Becoming Young’s first piano-driven single.

Calano gets reflective and direct with lines like, “I see your heart and I see your soul, there’s nothing as pure as the man you are. Take a breath, let your burden go, when darkness comes, I’ll still love you so.” Anyone with a close relationship to his or her father will resonate with the song’s empathetic message.

“For My Father” bridges Becoming Young’s most recent pop album, Feeling Single, to a more serious body of work in his forthcoming record, The Songs I Wrote You, which begins releasing on January 1, 2021. The expansion from pop to the singer-songwriter genre began in January of 2020 when he teamed with producer Ryan Hadlock (The Lumineers, Vance Joy) on three singles for the new album.

For those not familiar with Brandon Calano, he writes and records under the pseudonym, Becoming Young. It’s a name he says embodies his journey to let go of everything he is not—and become who he was meant to be all along.

Becoming Young has earned a loyal following, playing sold-out shows from Atlanta to Portland, and describes his evolving sound as Lauv meets Glass Animals. Yet others have likened him to Vance Joy and Dermot Kennedy. Though all of those descriptors ring true, the Nashville via Boulder singer/songwriter has established an enticing pop/folk sound.

Becoming Young’s most recent album, Feeling Single, explores the modern dating landscape as told by an emotionally-reckless millennial. It features the trap-pop banger “High,” a bouncy retro-bop, “The Night I Met You,” and the swagalicious, “Cherry Twist.”

For more information about Becoming Young, follow @becomingyoung on Instagram / Spotify or visit:

HAYL – I Will (Video)

“Stop here get listen, see! The quality of sound, the vocal performance, facial expressions and movement blended together entrancing, creating a quality pop song that flows easy and become your new favorite, makes 3.11 pass fast, let’s repeat! ”

HAYL shared with us few words about this song:
“Love me for me and if you won’t, I will.” A boy I briefly dated was convinced I needed his help to be a better version of myself. Everything he wanted to change about me was everything I loved most. Fully embracing who I was, flaws and all, felt more important than compromising to fit his agenda, so obviously I ended it. People will have opinions of you. Only you get to decide which ones count. “I Will” is a reminder you should never change for anyone—you are deserving of love no matter what.

Nashville-based indie pop artist and songwriter, HAYL, strives for you to feel the realness of life with her music. Her emotionally-rich lyrics express to listeners the braveness of vulnerability.

HAYL grew up in a small Florida beach town with two sisters, one of whom is non-verbal and on the autism spectrum. Expressing feelings was always a struggle for HAYL because she didn’t want to disrupt the peace within her household. Since a young age, writing songs and playing music became a remedy to that. In 2017, she gave up a corporate job at the PGA TOUR and moved to Nashville, TN to pursue her musical dream as a solo artist, as well as co-writing for other artists.

HAYL has worked tirelessly to create a unique sound that showcases ethereal vocals and moody instrumentals, with production that is both springy and modern, creating a new sound that is catching people’s attention within the music industry and reaching listeners around the world.

“I love having deep conversations with people, and I want my music to be just that; everything from love and happiness, to hurt, struggle, jealousy and so much more, because we’re all human…well most of us.”

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