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Nami & The Dancing Wind – She Dwells (official video) (Video)

“Experience the silent force of a great Psychill track. Original mystic atmosphere, which connects our future with the past and awakens our ancient spirit. Remarkable overall synthesis that we wish to be appreciated by a big audience.”

She Dwells is a simple invocation of the sacred feminine force. We believe, after a long age of patriarchy, which took place over matriarchy some days in deep human history, now is the time we dive into the deep roots of humanity and bring back the living pure core. It`s a salutation to the Shakti, waiting so far in hidden places, waiting to be born fully into this world.

Igor Longhi – La Luna (Spotify)

“We never say no to a selected piano performance and here is something great from Igor Longhi. "La Luna" follows a slow note structure with specific peaks and fast dramatic end. Like a flower that blossoms in the last Winter days.”

The moon: fascinating, magnetic, and sensual. Solitary light and beacon of hope even in the darkest night, friend and companion of the most intimate dreams, invisible ruler of time. Thus was born; this dedication to the queen of the night, on a late autumn evening while, sitting at my piano, I was admiring her tall and shining and making her the keeper of a secret between mutual glances and whispered words to my soul.

Pianist and composer Igor Longhi started his piano classical studies as a five-year-old kid.
During his musical life, he explored many different genres, from hard rock to reggae and in 2002, contributes forming the international reggae band Makakojump. From 2002 to 2012, the band released 4 full albums, 2 EPs and toured among all EU sharing the stage with a lot of international artists as Ky-Mani Marley, Manu Chao, Skatalites and much more.

During this years, he capitalizes on his musical influences, resulting from great masters such as Einaudi, Yiruma, Tiersen, evolving into an intimate, expressive music, making of classicism and minimalism his flag.

In 2015 he started writing soundtracks for documentaries, commercials and video clips.

Bastice – Dawn (Spotify)

“Magical piano piece, directly from the hands of Bastice. Imagine the Sun rising slowly up the horizon and find your inner balance in less than three minutes of time. How much beauty can be hidden in a single (Neo) Classical creation?”

This song describes the vast plains, cold winds, majestic mountains, colors of stone and grass of the nature of Iceland.

Young-Borra – U Get What U Pay 4 (Spotify)

“We can't resist at one more Nu-disco candy as the crystal synthesizer loops fill the air with energy bubbles! Don't miss this fabulous dancing vibe from Young-Borra. Truly special and proffessional.”

— NYC-based Young-Borra shares his latest offering “U Get What U Pay 4” on Casablanca Sunset Records.

Born in the Bronx and raised in New York City, Jonas Young-Borra (AKA Young-Borra) is today’s answer to yesterday’s pop-star. He believes in quality over quantity in a world that is flooded with the latter. He listens more than he speaks and speaks more when he needs to. He is well-informed and he is a much-needed character in a character business.

His new single, “U Get What U Pay 4” is an anthemic 80s-esque tune that features uplifting instrumentation highlighted by infectious sing-a-long vocals, groovy up-tempo rhythm, and dangerously energetic synth melodies. The song is also highlighted by an explosive guitar solo in the second half recorded by the legendary New York-based guitarist Paul Pesco. Pesco is best known for penning a portion of the guitar arrangement in Madonna’s “Lucky Star” and C+C Music Factory’s jock-jam “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now),” in addition to working closely with a number of superstars like Hall & Oates, Jennifer Lopez and more.

As a singer-songwriter and artist, Young-Borra is no stranger to working alongside talented musicians. “U Get What U Pay 4” was produced by the NYC-based producer Alex Suarez (AKA LEFTI) who is known for his involvement in the band Cobra Starship. Borra's father is a jazz musician who played saxophone with a number of artists including shows with Phoebe Legere and Huey Lewis & the News. His mother was also a talented Broadway actress/singer.

Recently doubling down on his artist career, Borra draws from his previous work experience as an event curator, DJ, doorman and promoter in some of New York’s best clubs. Many of these experiences influence the context of his music and lyrical input; nightlife, heartbreak, striving for love and success, relationships, sex, parties, breakups, makeups and living under the bright lights of the big city. Now, after several years of creating, producing and fine-tuning his sound, Young-Borra is releasing his original material; ushering in a new wave of music to accompany the start of the new decade. Look out!


Project Sunlight – More and More (Spotify)

“We use to look for more and more sophisticated songs and this one has its own addictive stamp. Grab the chance to follow the funky sounds, meaningful lyrics and exuberant voice of a mesmerizing singer!”

What more would you want in life? More money, more fame, more success? More time, more friends, more love? If I’m honest, my answer would be “all of the above”.

In other words, I want more life. And the more life I get out of life, the more and more life I crave for. That is the gist of the fresh, rejuvenating cocktail served by Projēct Sunlight with a soul twist.

So, here’s to life!

Dafné Kritharas, Camille El Bacha, Matthias Courbaud, Paul Barreyre – De Edad de Kinze Anyos (Spotify)

“Are you tired of listening more or less the same? Forget about typical songs and say yes to "De Edad de Kinze Anyos". We loved the characteristic silvery voice of this great singer, along with some perfectly smooth sound transitions.”

A brand new interpretation of a ladino folk song from the Eastern Mediterranean. Perfectly suited for zen & meditative playtime.

Born in 1992 in Paris of a Greek father and French mother, DAFNÉ KRITHARAS’s inspiration lies at the crossroads of the Eastern and Western worlds. She grew up to the sound of Judeo-Spanish songs interpreted by her cousin, the cellist Bahia El Bacha. Very early on, singing as a means to express the intimate realm became obvious to her. She sings in Greek and Judeo-Spanish, as well as in French, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish or Turkish, attune with the discoveries and travels she shares with her partner: guitarist and songwriter PAUL BARREYRE.

The album Djoyas de Mar features twelve tracks, including seven in Greek and five in Judeo-Spanish. With their mixed influence, these songs are linked to the experience of exile and uprooting. Musical arrangements are by pianist, improviser and composer CAMILLE EL BACHA. NAGHIB SHANBEHZADEH, young prodigy of Eastern percussion and founding member, alongside his father, of the Shanbehzadeh ensemble, has added his personal touch to the album.

Gabrielle Current – Down the Line (Video)

“Gabrielle Current is responsible for this awesome work. Low bpm R&B, full with elegant loops, relaxing beat and the super hot singing voice from a favourite artist. The last in playlist is usually the best. “Down the Line” could be last too!”

24-year-old Gabrielle Current returns to the forefront of moody, bedroom R&B-meets-pop scene with her newest track “Down The Line,” due out next week.

In “Down the Line,” gorgeous melancholic piano reels you in and soon after, Current’s silky and nostalgic vocals follow. The broody melody quickly evolves as the tempo shifts in the chorus and gives us some classic ’90s throwback feels. Current muses on the importance of independence and self-love as she hums the poignant line “I’m satisfied with being on my own.”

Gabrielle shares, “‘Down the Line’ definitely set the tone for this project. It was the first song I wrote for the EP and all the songs that followed are really just extensions of the struggle I felt during that time. It’s a reflection of my ability to process change and experience the freedom that comes with it. It was through the letting go of a familiar relationship that I gained an independence and a type of freedom that could only come from me.”

Proclaimed as a “stellar talent” by tastemakers like This Song is Sick, Earmilk, Indie Shuffle and numerous others, “Down The Line” is a strong follow-up to Current’s highly praised singles “Plenty” and Undercover” and bound to put the rising act on your artists-to-watch radar in 2021.

“This sultry new tune has everything you could want from a proper slow burner.”

“tasteful sensibilities and stellar talent make it clear that Gabrielle Current has musical maturity beyond her years” -Earmilk

“hits the sweet spot between pop, jazz, and R&B.” – Neon Music

“soul-steeped weightiness.” – Indie Shuffle

The Los Angeles born-and-bred Gabrielle grew up surrounded by the arts. Having spent much of her childhood and teen years modeling, Gabrielle was exposed to the creative industries at a formative age and spent her free time at a weekend performing arts school. After high school, Gabrielle discovered the magic of songwriting. Littered with metaphors and poetic structure, Gabrielle’s authentic and raw lyricism is at once refreshing and relatable.

Current has worked with notable producers including FINNEAS, Kaskade, Cassian, and Felix Cartal and her voice has reached the ears of millions. Now she is stepping out as an artist in her own right. Additionally, she’s worked with notable producers Mark Pelli (Sabrina Claudio, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez) in LA, and Charlie Perry (Jorja Smith, BTS) in London and her forthcoming debut EP was created in collaboration with Austin Brown (Hablot Brown).

Mimoza – Young Queen (Video)

“This sound can best be described as a musical experience, rather than just another song to add to the library. Combines the best of modern pop music with touches of world music.”

The Los Angeles based artist’s latest single, “Young Queen” is a personal record written as a love letter to her home country, Kosovo, and to her Albanian roots. Paying tribute to her mother and all moms who raise their daughters to see themselves as ‘young queens,’ the song oozes with passion and determination. It’s a powerful pop anthem and meaningful record, showcasing everything that the songwriter represents – strength, vulnerability and quality. Sonically “Young Queen” bursts with soulful vocal tones, highlighting Mimoza’s impressive range, while dynamic percussion elements and big, bold instrumentation create the ultimate emotional release.

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