A Crystal Clear Moment – Close My Eyes (Spotify)

“Acoustic, delicate, sythesis with soft melodic patterns. Sit comfortably on your bed, close your eyes and concentrate on that heartwarming voice. The ultimate relaxing song, which cannot leave you unaffected.”


Stockholm based A Crystal Clear Moment drops the debut album Arms Remain Open. The mix of radio-ready and feel-good singles juxtaposed against dark melancholy tracks makes it a retro-modern pop album with LP format dynamics and a meaningful story to tell. The beautiful piano ballad Close My Eyes was released all without promotion before ACCM signed with ALOADED on PR. It truly deserves a better fate and a new chance for the album release next week!

A Crystal Clear Moment was founded by Stockholm’s Rickard Abrahamsson. By his side he has an acclaimed collective of musicians, engineers, designers, directors and cinematographers. The debut album Arms Remain Open due March 26 has a strong sense of finding inner peace and being true to yourself.

The first single Close My Eyes is a low key piano ballad and When You Were Young is an upbeat radio-ready single with an energetic synth bass. Once Again is a roadtrip soundtrack under a hot California sunshine and A Better Day is a groovy love story dressed in denim tailor-made for American radio. The rest of the story adds a darker melancholy and creates an album dynamic reminiscent of traditional albums like in the old days. It tells a story.

With its female lead vocals from starlet Harper Diaz, ACCM is musically connected to artists like Sheryl Crow, Taylor Swift or Shelby Lynne. These iconic women all display the mix of moods that range from bright, sunny and radio-ready to dark, moody and melancholic. It’s hard to believe ACCM is a Swedish project. The final touch was a supreme mastering in New York by legendary Scott Hull who has worked with Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, David Bowie and many more.


Reviewed by Nagamag on March 31, 2021