Afenginn, Danish String Quartet, Teitur – Skapanin

Afenginn, Danish String Quartet, Teitur – Skapanin (Spotify)

Composer and musician Kim Rafael Nyberg aka Afenginn’s 7th album “Klingra” - a post-classical piece with roots in the Faroe Islands. With a sound palette of two pianos (played by Faroese Teitur and Dánjal), a string quartet (The Danish String Quartet), pedal steel guitar, synth bass and two drummers the track starts in an ambient atmosphere with small sparkling particles of dust and hope floating in the air. These are mixed with a distant Morricone-like whistling from Teitur, which gradually brings out a simple melody in the piano. The musical layers are solidified by the determined drumming and through a grounding maelstrom builds up to a climactic release.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
January 29, 2020

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