“The new track of the virtuoso master -aj wander-, who is ready to surprise not only his loyal fans, but also new listeners. Excellent work on vocals, its presentation and text, chic arrangement and, as a whole, are very energetic and good atmosphere.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Новый трек виртуозного мастера -AJ Wander-, который готов удивить не только своих преданных фанатов, но и новых слушателей. Вас ожидает отличная работа над вокалом, его подачей и текстом, шикарная аранжировка и в целом очень энергичная и хорошая атмосфера.”

Thrilled to send you the poignant new single “Blue Lights” from English singer/songwriter AJ Wander. AJ confides on the release, “I wrote ‘Blue Lights’ after seeing someone overdose opposite my old flat. The song is me hoping that he still has a spark of hope left, that it was just a call for help.”

AJ Wander has found success with over 4 million streams on his debut single “Time Out” and has been added to such official Spotify playlists as Home Again and Fresh Finds Pop. His music is a cinematic blend of pop, rock and folk. Thanks for your consideration,

AJ Wander started his journey in the suburbs of south-east London. The son of a pianist, he began honing his unique musical sensibility at an early age. After living in Australia for several years in his youth, he returned to the UK to pursue a formal education at the prestigious Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford. While enrolled, he joined indie band Tors, performing in front of thousands of people as part of the fast growing group.

Heeding the call to further explore his own creative identity as a solo artist, Wander departed Tors after 2 years. Diving deeper into his roots as a pianist, he built a fledgling career performing covers at piano bars and hotels across the UK, developing a ubiquitous playing style while garnering acclaim on a regional level as a rising star entertainer.

As the world reopened, Wander began to attract attention from industry leaders. He landed a management and distribution deal with USA based firm Elevation Group, along with a publishing agreement through BDi Music. His debut single “Time Out” established a style rooted in nuanced piano playing and vocals that have been compared to Lewis Capaldi and Dean Lewis. With over 5 million streams and editorial playlist placements across Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music and Apple Music, his catalog of singles continues to grow and attract legions of new fans. His most recent track “When You Say I Love You” debuted early this year, with more music planned throughout 2022.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
July 1, 2022

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