“Stunning presentation, interesting embodiment of the idea, melody and good sound quality. Clear expression of feelings, which lead to a pleasant listening.”

“Потрясающее музыкальное авторское мышление, интересное воплощение идеи, мелодичность и хорошее качество звука. Органичное воплощение в жизнь всех задуманных, что приведёт к приятному времяпрепровождению слушателя.”


With over 32,000 presaves across all DSPs and more than 2.6 Million TikTok views within one week after announcing the release, Alexa Cappelli releases her biggest song to date, “SAY SOMETHING”, on May 21.

“SAY SOMETHING is a testament to the phrase ‘If he wanted to, he would.’ It’s got the makings of being the anthem for any and all of the relationships that could have been.”

“SAY SOMETHING” lets us see Alexa from a different perspective and shows us that she has finally found her sound which instantly resonated with millions of people. With a heart for connection, hse loves when music does what it was made for and brings people together. Alexa continues to write and create music that speaks truth through lyrics and love through melodies.