“Imagine a place with untouched beauty and wild nature like the landscapes of the arctic Norway. Then close your eyes and make your mindtrip there. Have you ever realized that we can approach the perfect infinity of creation with only a few sound patterns? This is the case here!”

Dark Nordic Dramæ is a dramatic cinematic song with murky ambient elements and deep arctic feelings. The latest arctic travels in the northernmost part of Norway were the main key to get inspired and write this composition

Oslo-based studio act ALIEN ORCHESTRA formed by Jan Batista Mojdis in 2014 by releasing its first 3-track EP ‘Fall Of Mars’. There is a full-length studio album recorded and waiting for its date to be released, entirely recorded by Jan Batista Mojdis and Bård Kolstad (Leprous, ex-Borknagar) as a guest appearance on percussions & drums, the album should be released in the near future, the music relatively belongs to cinematic metal genre, so fans will enjoy both, metal music and cinematic trailer music simultaneously. Alien Orchestra wrote the soundtrack for viral short zombie horror movie ‘Hope’. In the meantime Jan’s working on his solo compositions as well approaching to fundamentals of trailer/film & ambient music. New songs already written for the second-third album of Alien Orchestra + extra covers. The deep universe, extraterrestrial life forms, sub-aquatic life and nordic nature are the main theme and hopefully an infinite inspiration source for Jan’s song writing.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
May 11, 2021

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