Allison Jordan – Perfect Moment

“From the very beginning, you are met by birds of birds, which is gradually diluted with a pleasant, instrumental melody and angelic vocals -allison Jordan-. Today is the very perfect moment to enjoy her singing and feel love inside.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“С самого начала вас встречает пение птиц, который постепенно разбавляется приятной, инструментальной мелодией и ангельским вокалом -Allison Jordan-. Сегодня тот самый идеальный момент, чтобы насладиться её пением и почувствовать внутри себя любовь.”

Folk singer-songwriter Allison Jordan brings an ethereal and nostalgic romance to her newest single “Perfect Moment” out now. The song was crafted by pulling from personal experience and a love that she has witnessed firsthand. The track serves as a tender recounting from a couple who have persevered in love throughout the years. In this track, Jordan shows that she is intentional about creating imagery for listeners. She sings about specifics: “stonewall, green hill, the sun is getting low.” In this way, she creates an atmosphere of reminiscence, as if listeners are strolling down memory lane alongside the couple. “‘Perfect Moment’ was inspired by the idea that sometimes young love grows into a deep love that lasts a lifetime…I love the richness and depth [that comes from] drawing on your own experiences and stories,” she explains.

The song “tells the story of a young couple who met when they were freshmen in high school and how through the twists and turns of adolescence and college they remained together, got married, had a family and are still madly in love 50 years later.” The style of the track also seems to fall in unison with the topic at hand. Stacking evocative piano elements with a glittering folksy sound, “Perfect Moments” is like a hazy vignette of nostalgic romance. “I knew from the first time I saw your face, this love would last a lifetime. Long years went by in an instant, you remain my perfect moment,” she sings in the chorus. Like a poem delivered as a ballad, Jordan produces the ultimate romance. “Perfect Moment” is the fourth single off of her upcoming album, Farmhouse, set to release later this year.

Reviewed by Nagamag on June 28, 2022