Amaya – Escape – Acoustic Version (Spotify)

“The acoustic version of the track is simply beautiful! Its vocals awaken the most sincere, genuine emotions, creating a powerful resonance in our brain. The voice practically attracts your attention, occasionally allowing to be distracted by the piano melody. Great job!”

“Акустическая версия трека просто фантастически красива! Вокал пробуждает самые искренние, неподдельные эмоции, создавая мощный резонанс в душе. Голос практически заставляет сфокусировать на себе внимание, позволяя лишь изредка отвлекаться на мелодию фортепиано. Прекрасная работа!”

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Amaya began playing piano and violin at an early age. Throughout her early career, she advanced her musicology studies by exploring haunting classical compositions. Now based in London, this still inspires her dramatic, cinematic style of songwriting.

Blending orchestral elements with dark pop and electronic influences, Amaya continues to evolve her distinctive and unmistakable sound today.

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 10, 2021