Myyora – Feel (Spotify)

“Light and happy single with Indie R&B mood and etherial percussion elements. Feel the difference in music with "Myyora" and her silvery voice that pulls you like strong magnet in just less than three-minutes' time.”

Myyora said about her inspiration for this song: "Feel is basically one of my post-it notes. It's what i need to hear non-stop. I wrote it to remind myself not to bottle up all the negative feelings, to leave them behind and to aim for complete freedom. It's a song about knowing that you have to let yourself feel and heal in order to glow.

For the sound i wanted to recreate something that i would feel deep down in my soul, a sound that would make me want to move with joy. A feeling of freedom. "

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 10, 2021