Ana Arts – The Ocean Is on Fire

“Very unusual Folktronica with some extraterrestrial wib and atmosphere. The captivating voice -ana arts- sounds quite minimalist, but with a huge degree of expression and emotionality. Wonderful job!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Очень необычная Folktronica с каким-то внеземным вайбом и атмосферой. Пленительный голос -Ana Arts- звучит достаточно минималистично, но с огромной долей экспрессии и эмоциональности. Великолепная работа!”

Shaped by the enigma of human life, London-based singer/songwriter Ana Arts has a voice like no other. By reviving the vocal abilities of Joni Mitchell and Jeff Buckley, she emanates with heartfelt mood, to the background of lo-fi soundscapes.

With her influence of folk, jazz, rock and pop, she brings back the music of the past into a modern setting. With a great sense of humour, Ana’s lyrical themes are a mixture of dry, funny, incredibly deep and well thought out. They reflect the times we live in, uncensored.

Ana does a lot of work for sync libraries under an alias, and has had dozens of songs already synced to major BBC shows.

Ana’s second (upcoming) EP ‘Cried So Hard I Started Laughing’ communicates with the sounds mentioned above, with a daring vigor. Produced by ‘Ghost’ a.k.a. Jamie Hughes, the songs are a lot more upbeat, but never lose the ability to move. Lyrically, Ana remains honest, dry and reflective of the times, and

vocally never misses, whilst the production involves samples, synths and groovy drums. The emotional sway of “Too Shiny” and “The Ocean Is On Fire” breaks even by “Slow,” a happy ending to this rollercoaster of an EP.

Reviewed by Nagamag on July 20, 2022