André Molina – Euphoria

“This track fully justifies its name. You are guaranteed the state of bliss, mental upsurge and will absorb you with an amazing combination of genres such as Electro Pop and Alternative Rock. You instantly understand that such music could be created exclusively by a professional in his field. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Этот трек полностью оправдывает своё название. Вам гарантировано состояние блаженства, душевного подъёма и поглотит вас удивительным сочетанием таких жанров, как Electro Pop и Alternative Rock. Моментально понимаешь, что такая музыка могла быть создана исключительно профессионалом своего дела.”

For André's third release, he teamed up with 100%ent for distribution. "Euphoria" is an alternative indie pop song that's both sexy and edgy. The sound design is very unique and is also reminiscent of hyperpop. "Euphoria" portrays André's perception of the cycle of being in love, the butterflies, the rush, the intense passion, how it fades and comes down. Simultaneously, "Euphoria" portrays how it feels to be under a drug and it's similarity to being in love, you take more but still never enough

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 24, 2022