Antgoni – Red Flag (Acoustic)

“The material is so sincere and personal that you need a certain time to understand and comprehend it. This acoustic song is excellent charging for your heart and food for the soul. Music, which is there no reason to listen under a definite mood, because it is capable of creating it for you. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Материал настолько искренний и личный, что нужно определённое время, чтобы его понять и осмыслить. Данная акустическая песня отличная зарядка для вашего сердца и пища для души. Музыка, которую нет никакой причины слушать под определённое настроение, ведь она сама способная создать его для вас.”

Red Flag is about only wanting to date guys with ‘red flags’ to avoid getting into a relationship. Throughout her upcoming releases, Antigoni is showcasing her roots and Greek Culture. Each Single has an acoustic B side, recorded using Greek instruments like the Bouzouki, allowing the Middle-Eastern/ Greek influence to shine through.

Antigoni's words on the song:

'I came out of a super long relationship and wanted to just focus on myself and not catch feelings for anyone, but my girl was like ‘you never know though, you could just meet someone and fall in love and that’s it’ and so we came up with the solution that I would only date guys with ‘Red Flags’ to avoid getting into anything too serious. '

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 21, 2022