Ape Suit – Beat 4 (Spotify)

“If the music can be called aesthetic, then this is Ape Suit. Delight in every beat. Nostalgic and surreal sound You Are Going to Die and Everything is Ok is 24 minutes of pleasure that will seem like eternity to you.”

“Если музыку можно назвать эстетичной, то это Ape Suit. Наслаждение в каждой доле. Ностальгические и сюрреалистическое звучание You Are Going to Die and Everything is Ok это 24 минуты удовольствия, которые покажутся вам вечностью.”


You may feel a sense of melancholy from the title, You Are Going To Die And Everything Is OK, and you would be correct, except that it also provides a sense of warmth, soft and tender hope and chilled out vibes for your soul. Whether it’s a cold day snuggle, an early morning sunrise with a brisk breeze, a springtime celebration or a stoned days in sweltering heat, somehow this EP will still find a way to fit that exact moment.


Reviewed by Nagamag on January 27, 2021