“Taken from "Arlissa's" forthcoming album, this single is made for all who usually give more than they take back. Love that's not equal in both sides, may become destructive. Expressive vocals and cool melodies mixed in the most artistic way.”


JUNE 17, 2022 – Arlissa has today unveiled “TAKE”, the lead single to her hugely anticipated debut album The OPEN-HEARTED” to be released end 2022

Produced by Ebenezer (Stefflon Don, Chris Brown, Ty Dolla $ign), “TAKE” is the super cool, sexy and empowering pop/rnb outing by Arlissa. Written by her, it depicts getting out of a relationship where she’s realized: the more she loved, the more she lost herself. LA based British singer Arlissa wrote, “TAKE” in the anger stage of grief and it was a great way to process emotions and regain her power. “I felt like this person had taken so much of me, but I had compromised my own boundaries, given too much and lost myself in the process”. “TAKE” is a very relatable and empowering anthem for anyone who gives more than he/she receives.

The accompanying official video is shot by the amazing Alex "Grizz" Loucas and beautifully styled by Hugo Boss. A metaphysical journey, which follows Arlissa through various stages of acceptance of past relationship – experiencing remnants of this person in her day-to-day life, in the form of a transparent shape.

“TAKE” is the first of an incredible string of singles, which Arlissa will be sharing with the world throughout 2022 – culminating in the release of her long anticipated album “The OPEN-HEARTED” at the end of 2022. About the extraordinary journey she has found herself on, Arlissa says: “The project was created by using art to alchemize my heartbreak. It was the best way to keep moving through life with my heart wide open.” The album has taken shape from a profound period of personal and creative growth - a turning point she describes, as “the first time I’ve ever felt completely free to make whatever I wanted.”

As well as the long awaited album, with the announcement of The OPEN-HEARTED Sessions, we will finally be able to experience Arlissa - LIVE IN CONCERT. Throughout 2022, the announcement will see her take most of the new album (and a few of the recognizable hits) and perform them live with full band at a venue near you. First dates already posted, please stay tuned for many more - NOT TO BE MISSED.

Born in Germany but raised in London, Arlissa first discovered her passion for songwriting as a small child. By age 14, she had taken up piano and guitar and begun to craft songs inspired by a diverse range of artists - Jeff Buckley, Elton John, Nina Simone - From there, Arlissa put out a series of stripped-back D.I.Y. singles, which led to such successes as selling out shows in London, New York City, and L.A. and scoring a viral hit with “Hearts Ain’t Gonna Lie”: a self-released smash later reimagined by multi-platinum producer Jonas Blue. Among may other noteworthy achievements, Arlissa has also written and performed on BTS’s diamond breakthrough hit “Spring Day”, written Zayn Malik’s platinum hit “Flames” and her own “We Won’t Move" from the critically acclaimed movie The Hate You Give was shortlisted for Best Original Song at the Oscars.

With all of the above and what is clearly only the beginning for Arlissa, there are no limits to what the future can bring, to truly establish her as the powerhouse singer/songwriter and artist she was always placed here to be.