Becca Rogers – 123 (feat. Joe Bills)

“Inspired by the very moment of love from the first sight, "123" captures that unique feeling. Get ready to enjoy the feathery vocals, popping beat and strong dancing spirit of a fresh EDM dynamite and add some colour in your dull mood.”

Artist said about this song:

"While sitting on my bedroom floor, I wrote a melody as a response to a friend's Snapchat. Two years later, Snapchat shared the memory with me, and I thought "wait, this would make a catchy chorus...” Within about 30 minutes I added verses, a bridge, and a post-chorus and some sappy, sad lyrics.

I ran into the bedroom to tell my girlfriend about the song, and she said "with the marimba, this song should NOT have sad lyrics! This sounds like a beach club.” She thought the song should be about a guy asking a girl to dance (we're a female couple, so we tried to get into the mindset of what a guy might be thinking by channeling how we felt when we first met in NYC!). We sat in bed and knocked out all of the lyrics more quickly than I’d ever written a song.

‘123’ captures the feeling of love at first sight: the lyrics explore the feeling of yearning and desire when you see someone who you immediately fall for. For the first 2 minutes, the singer imagines himself walking up to a girl at a club and asking her to dance, saying “123, won’t you dance with me?” A bright marimba synth creates a tropical, carefree, and confident feeling. The song builds up to the singer finally working up the confidence to ask her to dance. ‘123’ is a euphoric summer bop for anyone who wants to escape and dance with friends or a new crush."

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 28, 2022