Bradley Phillips – The Fence

“Such music gives a clear interpretation of this work. It needs to be felt and felt with all your heart and if you spend all your time alone, then in this case the music -bradley Phillips- will become an important discovery for you and will help you think about many important things in your life. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Такая музыка даёт чёткую интерпретацию этому произведению. Её нужно почувствовать и ощутить всей душой и если вы проводите всё своё время в одиночестве, то в таком случае музыка -Bradley Phillips- станет для вас важным открытием и поможет задуматься о многих важных вещах в вашей жизни.”

Artist said about this song:

" This is a song I wrote recently, after a lot of reflection on the brokenness we see each day and the endless failures to love our neighbors as we should. And sadly, this is not new. Throughout the ages, we humans have found ourselves preoccupied with building kingdoms, often at the cost of oppression and even enslavement of other people. And whether it is a physical wall, or the even more sinister biases and barriers within our hearts and minds that we build, we fight to find a way to protect our kingdoms here on earth - pushing away those that we feel ought not be included.

But I think we’ve missed the point. Because the Kingdom of God is not built or governed by men, and it does not hold within it the assurance of wealth, comfort or safety. In fact, He calls us to just the opposite. In Matthew, Jesus asked a rich man to sell all he owned to inherit treasures of heaven. To rid himself of the kingdom he had built for himself, his security and control, but he couldn’t.

And in God’s Kingdom, there is none that deserves to be included. But by grace we are. In Luke Jesus tells a parable of a great banquet, and honored guests that “deserved” to come. But instead, when they were all too busy working to further their own causes, he invites the outcasts - the thieves, the unwanted travelers, the sinners. Just as Jesus invites us to leave our earthly kingdoms behind and come to the banquet He is preparing.

Also, a really huge thank you to my good friend, @beachtigermusic for mixing/producing this for me."

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 10, 2022