Brisa Roché & IX – The Time

“A bit more pop experimental approach with strong diversity bundled under a top notch mix production. The Time from Brisa Roché & IX invites you to listen more and more to catch the sound design details and vocal technics and at the end wins your hot interest! From the tracks that wins your taste in time, like the good wine!”

A nonchalant psychedelic indie-pop track with a touch of Xanax hip hop.

Roles are reversed when Brisa Roché enters rapping with a poetic not-giving-a-fuck attitude, counter-balanced by IX singing softly on a catchy and luminous melancholy hook.

“Let’s go back to the time when we had the time”

For all the out-of-tune synths, warped gogo bells and contained fuzz guitars, The Time remains strangely feel-good.

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 17, 2022