CARDS – Reignite (Official Audio) (Video)

“Cards knows how to build a story and this is proved here with -Reignite-. Unfolding his vocal technics and forming a warm companion of right placed guitar harmonies, smart use of reverb and in general the right layering of keys and more sounds, glued brilliant together to daydream you to the end before realize it. Wonderful flow with shades of nostalgia.”

“Reignite,” is a song that definitely marks a change in my sound and I’m happy to get it out into the world. After leaving LA in March and winding up in Ohio, I pulled out a couple instruments I haven’t used in a while. The songs I’m about to release borrow elements from Country and Bluegrass but are 100% Indie Rock at their core. The lyrics are also influenced by my situation — it’s really a pain in the ass to be a fledgling indie artist and not be able to play live shows.

Reviewed by Nagamag on November 1, 2020