“Stepping slowly and delivering peace towards, performed with gentle dynamics, recorded with clarity and dropping carefully melancholic notes, Grace by Carlos Maya is a deep emotive neoclassical theme which you return to listen again.”

Carlos Maya shared few words with us about this song”
“Each one of my song work as some kind of tale, a story to be told and evoked, and when you imagine, you let yourself to reach your deep emotions, you are the main character in this tale and you live your personal emotional adventure.”

When I composed this piece I imagined myself walking slowly at the edge of the sea, feeling the sand in my feet and the warm water touching me gently… “Grace” speaks about the simplest things in life but the most valuable, and how we have to embrace each moment, each experience, as unique as they are, and always make the most.

Few words about Carlos Maya:
Carlos Maya. Modern classical pianist and composer. Wrote his debut album “Isolation Songs for Piano” in its entirely at home during quarantine. Each song tells a story and portrays an emotional journey where the listener is its own protagonist. Each piece represents an emotional mood, but transforming it and modifying it along the time to convey a sense of storytelling.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
October 26, 2020

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