Cicadas Electric x Sarah Tolle x Reed McKenzie x Stewart McKie – This Time Around

“Soft vocals and melodic, intoxicating melody of an acoustic guitar, with a light accompaniment of the piano against the background. An elegant work that is able to take your thoughts somewhere into the distance, where your soul will wander in the vastness of something unknown and at the same time beautiful. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Мягкий вокал и мелодичная, опьяняющая мелодия акустической гитары, с лёгким аккомпанементом фортепиано на фоне. Элегантная работа, которая способна унести ваши мысли куда-то вдаль, где ваша душа будет блуждать на просторах чего-то неизвестного и одновременно прекрасного.”

A beautiful slice of Americana Music at its finest! A soulful melody, acoustic finger-style guitar, warm vocals, flowing lyrics and honest vocals peppered with banjo and dobro. A narrative that the speaker in the story is trying to let go of, get free from. “Do I have the power to let go of this person, place, thing, and trust that, if it’s right, it’ll come back around? Or do I keep struggling against my own self-will?” “Do I do that again, that thing I thought would fulfill me and didn’t? Do I keep doing that to myself?”

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 12, 2022