Cosmic Crooner – Bolero (Video)

“Combination of live instruments with warm and touching vocals from -Cosmic Crooner-. Melodic motive with Dream Pop elements and intoxicating atmosphere. It’s amazing how beautiful and so close to the heart can this music be.”

“Сочетание живых инструментов с тёплым, человечным и таким трогательным вокалом -Cosmic Crooner-, мелодичный мотив с элементами dream pop и опьяняющая атмосфера. Удивительно, как музыка может быть красива и так близка к сердцу. ”

Expect dreamy arrangements and romantic crooning in my latest single. The song was inspired by 60s songs and artists such as Roy Orbison and Jacques Brel. The strings in the outro were inspired by romantic film scores.

Reviewed by Nagamag on December 12, 2021