Dan Littlefield – Set You Free

“How often do you feel the spirit of freedom within yourself? Can you tell yourself that you are out of captivity of the events around you? Are you ready to leave your home any minute and enjoy the prairies surrounding you? Composition -Dan Littlefield- help you find answers to all pressing questions. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Как часто вы ощущаете дух свободы внутри себя? Можете ли вы сказать самому себе, что вы вне плена окружающих вас событий? Готовы ли вы в любую минуту покинуть свой дом и насладиться окружающими вас прериями? Композиция -Dan Littlefield- поможет вам найти ответы на все насущные вопросы.”


This dobro led song was written, most specifically, about some friends that have a sort of on again, off again, at times romantic relationship, but have never quite fully commit to it for whatever reason. Yet, everyone in their circle knows they really should just be together. They rely on each other and obviously love one another on some level, just haven't quite figured that out yet.

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 25, 2022