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“”Dillon” returns after a long pause and she’s influenced from intense emotions. Sadness, despair and bittersweet thoughts can be traced in this remarkable Downtempo single, which covers everything like a dark cloud. Dare to listen!”

Brazilian-born artist Dillon is back after five years – On her fourth album, 6abotage, produced by Greek-German producer Alexis Troy, Dillon has created a powerful sound sphere one can hardly restrain from. The first single, “<3core,” is available for streaming from June 10th.

With her first single, “<3core”, the Berlin-based artist has created an oscillating tension field – giving the first insight into her fourth album, 6abotage. Written and produced with Alexis Troy, Dillon describes the album as “a love letter, a cry for help and a consequence all in one”, with the hypnotically painful first single, “<3core”, tying up reluctant impulses and emotions, attracting and repelling like rotating magnets.

Reduced to the core, it sounds abyssal and sobering when Dillon outlines an entangled situation, where, perhaps only leaving may help, with the escalating line “if you hurt, till you hurt me, till I hurt you, till you want me, till you love me <3core… “. Troy’s skilfully consummate production embraces Dillon and her struggle with this emotional chaos, which momentarily shifts into spoken word, in sombre warmth, and simultaneously, in stifling coldness. “<3core” reveals Dillon’s unsparing openness, a relentless inner conflict, and the powerful combination of pain/despair and relief/conciliation.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
June 23, 2022

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