Drops Of Indigo – The old town bar

“Imagine your favorite, the old bar that you visit the friendly company or in the circle of your family. How many pleasant evenings were held in his walls and how many positive thoughts and words were said. And let this track become for you a guiding star in your memories. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Представьте себе ваш любимый, старый бар, который вы посещаете дружной компанией или в кругу своей семьи. Сколько приятных вечеров было проведено в его стенах и как много позитивных мыслей и слов было сказано. И пусть этот трек станет для вас путеводной звездой в ваших воспоминаниях.”



"They all have their stories and they meet in the music. The only place that make them forget about their sorrows and worries. The only place that can help them to find back to the happiness in their hearts and put their minds at ease for a while."

This is a tribute to music. To its unique way of transforming suffering into gold and make us become alive and rice again.

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 23, 2022