Echezona – Ride

-Automatic Translation with Google Translate-
-EChezona- created a truly bright and energetic track in the Tropical Afrobeats genre and practically flies in your temples for four minutes! It is so effectively worked and honed to shine, which allowed him to take a worthy place in the collections of many listeners.”

“-Echezona- создал по-настоящему яркий и энергичный трек в жанре Tropical Afrobeats и практически пульсирует в ваших висках на протяжение четырёх минут! Он настолько эффектно проработан и отточен до блеска, что позволило ему занять достойное место в коллекциях многих слушателей.”

The song is a rhythmic Afropop/RnB fusion mid-tempo ballad, sung in English and the African language Igbo. The song is about self-worth and acceptance, inspired by parting ways with an ungrateful lover. The overall musical vibe is chill, with rich harmonies and melody, like watching an ocean sunset.

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 1, 2022