Emil Wigan – Back Before

“Many of you have repeatedly been struck by the atmosphere of Edm music and everyone in the collection has your favorite musicians who work in this genre. We invite you to replenish your discography with the next masterpiece and enjoy the warmth of his voice and bright, saturated rhythms!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Многие из вас неоднократно были поражены атмосферой EDM музыки и у каждого в коллекции есть любимые музыканты, которые работают в этом жанре. Предлагаем вам пополнить свою дискографию очередным шедевром и насладиться теплотой его голоса и яркими, насыщенными ритмами!”


About the composition of the song, Emil says:

Viktor and I wanted that chill kind of driving-at-sunset mood for the summer nights. The highlight for me, was the fact that the lyrical meaning could go hand in hand with the melodic built-up, so the feeling each listener gets increases as each drop hits. And the vocal being crazy catchy is just a big plus.

With Viktor Rosenberg as a co-writer on 'Back Before', the song is the perfect mix of chill vibes and late night feelings. Using references from Meduza, the song almost takes you on a golden hour carride with the windows rolled down and no set destination. Along with the driving beat that is too inviting to resist, it is indeed a dance-able song for this summer.

Reviewed by Nagamag on September 6, 2022

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