“Against the backdrop of gentle orchestration & a repeating guitar note Filiah’s sweet & pure vocal harmonies reach out to tug at your heart. Goodbye is a song that describes the deep sense of abandonment, loss & heartache one feels when someone you love ends the relationship.”

Goodbye is an unfiltered insight into Filiah's mind.

The song deals with the feeling of abandonment after the sudden ending of a deep love. It's about how the process of choosing to love yourself and saying goodbye can feel like both the best and most painful choice at the same time.

"This song is about me realizing that sometimes it doesn’t matter how great and infatuating a love is, if the people involved just end up in these toxic patterns again and again. I found myself getting caught up in nostalgia and memories on purpose just to still feel close to this person after they left. It felt as though I was literally carrying that ghost with me everywhere. And it was crushing. That was not how I wanted to remember it. So I wrote this song as a reminder for myself that saying goodbye sometimes is the only right choice."

It is the first single of an upcoming concept album- a raw and honest exploration of love, grief, nostalgia and all feelings in between.

Goodbye, as well as the album was recorded and produced by Filiah in her living room.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
April 14, 2021

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