“Those leading strings accompanied by a slow beat can form the ideal sound break of the day. All the craft of "flamingo zamperoni" in just two minutes' time, is fair enough to wake up some of your sweetest memories.”

An asian influenced track about artist memories being on tour and playing gigs in taiwan.
The lead instrument is called pipa ( and is played from his dear friend li kai-chen from tainan in the very south of taiwan.

flamingo zamperoni was created as an Alter-Ego of Bensnburner, Producer/Bass-Player & CEO of recently founded label "bensnburner records".

under the Pen-Name flamingo zamperoni he now can finally satisfy his passion for juicy basslines and dusty beats. As a Bass Player, the focus of his work lies on the low frequencies and the little stories between the notes. Listen close and experience carefully chosen samples, laid back drums, blurry keys and deep, organic basslines .

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
March 14, 2021

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