“A characteristic feature of the rock ballad -Look Out- is that it's full of rich, arranged melodism. Its pleasant acoustic arrangement and splashes of indie-folk, result in a very pleasant and -most importantly- cheerful composition. Gentle and atmospheric song, with which you can relax.”

“Характерной чертой рок-баллады -Look Out- является то, что она наполнена мелодизмом и богатой аранжировкой. Вкупе с приятной акустической аранжировкой и вкраплениями инди-фолка получается весьма органичная, приятная и, что главное, бодрая композиция. Нежная и атмосферная песня, под которую можно расслабиться.”

A song flush with both optimism and reflection, “Look Out (Botticelli Girl)” speaks to the importance of looking back and knowing that every moment one experiences is truly special. “The goal is to try and make sense of those experiences, both good and bad,” Fritz Michel says. “We’ve all had moments that we cherish, and in essence, this song is about being able to define them and not let them pass by unnoticed.”

Artistic expression generally knows no bounds, and given Michel’s array of experience, that’s clearly the case. Born in France and based in NYC, he’s made his mark as an accomplished actor who’s shared his skills in film, television, and the stage. And now, as evidenced by his new single “Look Out (Botticelli Girl),” Michel’s ambitions have expanded to include making music that’s articulate, intelligent and instantly accessible. Like his previous singles “Darker Now,” “King of Corona” and “Stardust” – all of which accumulated thousands of hits on YouTube and Spotify – “Look Out” embraces a pure pop sound, similar in stance to Belle & Sebastian, Badfinger, and Big Star, with a flair for melodious melodies and a certain lyrical largess. The song was recorded with Michel’s producer and close-collaborator, guitarist Tosh Sheridan.

"I’ve always thought of ‘Look Out’ as a meditation,” he explains, “similar to the experience standing in front of a great painting like Botticelli’s ‘Birth of Venus’ masterpiece. I’ve always loved that contemplative space we find when pondering amazing works of art. History informs so much of our experience, yet holding on too tightly to great moments only helps them to slip away faster. I find that’s the paradox. The painting stays the same, but human stories move forward in time, always reflecting back on the past, but always on the look-out for something that might help us makes sense of this life.”

Those sentiments have been shared by the people that have heard the music he’s made thus far, winning him instant accolades in the process. One reviewer wrote, “Fritz has a clear talent with the easy listening vibes that ruled the world when radio was king back in the ‘70s and ‘80s.” Others described his sound as “warm and alluring and charming…,” “a cinematic sound, “very catchy and uplifting indie rock” and “a chilled listening experience.”

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
May 29, 2021

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