Hailey Simone – Crush (Spotify)

“The upcoming Hailey Simone delivers her debut single. Out of the ordinary R&B sound lead by the artist's bold, crystal voice. Concentrate on the beat and is likely to have a crush with this creation.”


This is the debut single for Hailey Simone. It was written over a year ago about a crush and being nervous to tell that person she liked them. This is not only the first released track, but also the first record Hailey Simone got out of her comfort zone and wrote how she really feels. This is R&B but the bright tone of Hailey Simone makes it a less typical R&B sound.

Hailey Simone is a new and upcoming artist who was born and raised in Kansas City, but is now located in New York City. Many R&B and pop artists influence Hailey, with a mix of classic R&B sounds as well. Her goal is to make relatable, bops that everyone can vibe too.

Reviewed by Nagamag on January 10, 2022