Hannah Schneider – Fluid (Spotify)

“Too artistic to be true, the recent release of Hannah Schneider is full of Neoclassic spirituality. Piano melodies which flow like pure water in absolute balance with the artist's silvery voice. True excellence of harmony for our ears.”


www.instagram.com/riccardocaprarese/Hannah Schneider is known for her playful alternative pop, skillfully crafted with elements from electronic and ambient landscapes. Her music is imbued with themes of melancholia and loneliness that are conveyed with an engaging charisma in her voice. The 2nd single from her coming album is written under the lockdown in 2021. The song is a tribute to the silence, and you hear nothing else than Hannah's voice and her piano. No electronic, no samples, no loops. Simple, beautiful, and intense.

The song describes the phenomenon “black sun” where flocks of birds gather in striking formations, that look completely unreal.The shifting movements are a defence against birds of prey, and looks a little like a heavy fluid shifting - like oil in water.


Reviewed by Nagamag on December 25, 2021