Hawthorne Oachs – Maybe Time

“The vocal part of the composition emphasizes its beauty. The ideal concentration of dynamics with a warm, spiritual atmosphere. Discover all the beauty and unusualness of this track and we assure you that you have repeatedly come back to her. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Вокальная партия композиции подчеркивает её красоту. Идеальная концентрация динамики с тёплой, душевной атмосферой. Откройте для себя всю красоту и необыкновенность этого трека и мы уверяем вас, что вы ещё не раз вернётесь к ней.”


Artist said about this song:

"Maybe Time is about being sad, depressed, or anxious, and nothing helps. I might be an old soul, but I'm still a 13 year old kid and these past 2 years have been difficult. I don't know what kind of hold this trauma will have on me going forward into my future, but this song is special to me because I poured my heart into the lyrics and music, and I worked really hard on the production. I think a lot of listeners will relate to this song."


Reviewed by Nagamag on April 22, 2022