HRDY – Making Memories (Video)

“How long has it been since you danced Waltz? Remember that moment when the light goes out and you, in the music environment, overlooking from all sides of the shadows, walitate under the charming sounds. Listen to this beautiful work and immerse yourself in memories.”

“Как давно вы танцевали вальс? Вы помните это мгновение, когда гаснет свет и вы, в окружение музыки и обступивших вас со всех сторон теней, вальсируете под чарующие звуки. Послушайте это красивое произведение и погрузитесь в воспоминания.”

Short neo-classical Piano Walz, backed-up with a music video of an 92-year old couple dancing on it, still ‘Making Memories’

Reviewed by Nagamag on November 14, 2021